A lot of players seem to be curious about how they can buy UC in PUBG and how to get PUBG UC discounts and deals. There are a few different guides online that detail the way people have been able to do so. 

While these guides might help you buy UC in PUBG, you should take them with a grain of salt as there is no guarantee that they'll work for you too. You need to do your own research into the best way to acquire UC in-game.

How can you Buy UC in PUBG

What is UC in PUBG?

If you're wondering what UC really is, it is one of the two in-game currencies used in PUBG. UC in PUBG can be used to upgrade your player or to buy different accessories and add-ons for the game. You can buy new guns and dress for your avatar. You can also use UC to buy the vaulting and climbing features for your player.

How can you buy UC in PUBG?

There are two ways to buy UC in PUBG: you can either buy it with real-life money, or you can earn it by playing matches. The first option is pretty straightforward since most players like to use their hard-earned cash to purchase whatever is available in the market. 

How can you buy UC in PUBG 1

The second option, however, is a little bit more difficult since most players don't like to load up on matches just for the sake of earning UC. If you want the best options, go for PUBG UC vouchers via 3rd party apps. This option is easy yet can save you enough money.

How to Pay for UC in PUBG?

First, you should know that PUBG is not free to play. There are multiple different cosmetic items that can be unlocked via in-game currency or premium credits. You can also buy other non-cosmetic items through the in-game shop.

To get UC, you need to get yourself an account on Steam and link it to your PUBG game account. This link will allow you to withdraw the in-game currency while playing the game.

To start earning UC while playing PUBG, you need to complete regular matches for around 5 hours per week. When you reach level 10, you'll be able to earn 3 Million Small Blueprints (SBP). You can then use these SBPs to purchase UC. You can buy different levels of UC depending on the amount of SBPs that you have.

The game will automatically collect the SBPs once you complete your match, but it will take a few days for them to show up on your profile. So make sure that you exit the game after getting the rewards for your match. You can also log in to your Steam account and access PUBG's shop page where you're supposed to find the SBPs.

How to Pay for UC in PUBG

If you don't want to wait for your rewards, there are ways that you can earn more UC in-game. You could try selling different cosmetics or selling another player's outfit or weapon skins.

How to get UC for Free?

If you're looking at ways to get free UC in PUBG, then the first thing that you should know is that it isn't as easy as it sounds. But if you're persistent enough, you can certainly earn a ton of UC over time. There are a few different ways to earn free UC.

Ways to Earn Free UC in PUBG

While some people prefer to use their real-life cash on items and upgrades in the game, a lot of players prefer using their skills and talents to earn money without spending a dime on the game. If you're one of these players, then you can certainly earn your own in-game currency and at the same time, you can play and enjoy the game without spending a single penny.

Ways to Earn Free UC in PUBG

Here are a few ways to earn free UC in PUBG:

Sell weapons, items, and cosmetics

If you're good at hunting out different items, then this is an easy way for you to earn UC. You can try selling different weapons or outfits that players use to reduce their recoil or to help them move faster in-game. These items will fetch money when sold to other players.

Earn Prestige Points

Another way for you to earn free UC is by earning prestige points while playing matches. The more you play the more upgrades you'll have access to. You can also earn UC by unlocking different items. However, this option will require you to play a lot of matches before you can earn enough prestige points.

Earn Rewards for Referring Friends

If you're good at getting people to sign up for PUBG, then you can earn free UC in PUBG by referring your friends to the game. You can also get the same discounts via top discount hunting sites for online stores.

Promote your Services

Another way for you to earn free UC in PUBG is by offering your own services to other players who are willing to pay for something in-game.