Tiny house living is a new trend across the country, but it does come with a few challenges. A tiny house lifestyle is not all fun as you expect it to be. Small houses have always been affordable for many, but aside from the perks, these are both budget and environment-friendly. Even in normal life, you can opt for sustainable and environment-friendly options. Have you ever considered the benefits of using sustainable furniture items for houses and offices?

Tiny House Living

Living in such tight houses is going to pose problems that you might not have considered before, like housing laws, more chances of wear and tear, compost toilets, and mess. If only money saving is your goal then you might be disappointed here. There are many other ways to save money in routine life. These are only a few. The list can go long. Even with affordable living, tiny houses are not suitable for everyone. You should spend enough time researching the pros and cons before making any decision about moving to such a small place.

History of Tiny House Living

Have you heard about tiny houses just a few months back? Well, the idea of tiny houses has been around since the 18th century. The concept initially emerged in the days of Henry David Thoreau and Walden Pond. People back then did not adopt this style very much, but for the last five years, there has been a massive increase in the adoption of tiny house living.

History of Tiny House Living

In the last three years, different states and regulatory authorities have relaxed the zoning laws and allowed tiny house living. If you need to adopt the new way of living, check lifestyle coupons and promo codes that are meant for such movements.

The reality of Tiny House Living

Traveling with your tiny house might be a dream for many, but moving your house from one location to another is a hectic thing to do. If you don’t have a bigger truck for the movement of the house, tiny house living is not for you. Without your personal truck, a tiny house movement can be a costly deal. Most of the tiny house owners are aware of the fact their houses may get damaged while moving on highways due to high-speed winds. In short, it is not always fun and adventure to live in a small space.

Is Tiny House Living Affordable?

If we consider the construction costs only, tiny houses are extremely affordable with some prerequisites. There are many other continued costs associated with tiny houses apart from the initial investment. Certain expenses are inevitable even in the case of tiny house living. Things like kitchen items and groceries are still required for this lifestyle. But like always, there are smart ways to do things. You can use kitchen items discount vouchers to get things at the most affordable rates.

Is Tiny House Living Affordable

To keep the space lightweight and easy to move, the use of special material makes the houses more vulnerable to normal wear and tear. So, the cost of moving and regular maintenance can increase the overall cost of tiny house living. If you exclude the moving cost, then tiny houses are very affordable.

Flexibility of Customization

Although you can buy tiny readymade houses yet, it’s a matter of affordability. Some people like to build their houses from scratch. Building your tiny house allows the owner to fulfill personal needs and requirements at affordable costs. You can decorate your small home with discounted home décor items.

Flexibility of Customization

Temperature Control is an Issue

Due to the small space, heat may get trapped in the lofts that can make you uncomfortable. On the other side, if temperature control is not done right, the wood and other materials may get mold.

Temperature Control is an Issue


Tiny house living is not for everyone. If you hate managing your stuff in limited space or cannot actively climb the ladder or have some physical injury, tiny house living is not for you. Before plunging into the adventure, consider all the pros and cons of tiny houses.