4 CleanTech Companies and Startups to look for in 2021

With new trends and CleanTech companies, it’s high time to adopt the change. Here, we are going to discuss the top 4 emerging companies and startups that are revolutionizing the renewable energy sector. Despite these 4 companies, other brands are also offering energy-saving electronics deals. Some relatively new technologies and innovations like flow batteries and energy block-chain have been off the table. But, there are several new companies that are supposed to change the way we deal with resources. 

4 CleanTech Companies and Startups to look for in 2021

1. Utilight – 3D Printing

In the renewable energy sector, the development cost of the PV cells and wind turbines is the biggest challenge. The production cost is too high due to the use of novel technologies and modern tools for renewable resources. Many companies and startups are working on cost reduction for the production of solar panels and solar PV cells. Solar energy companies are looking forward to new research to adopt the new production technologies that are not only cost-effective but eco-friendly too.

Utilight 3D Printing

3-D printing is being used at the lab level for the production of PV cells and solar panels but Utilight is an Israeli startup that has developed a 3-D printing-based system unit for the mass production of PV cells and solar panels. You can use 3d Printer coupon codes to buy smaller printers for your DIY projects. They aim to empower the solar energy sector with the cost-effective production of solar panels by using eco-friendly technologies and materials. Currently, they are using silver paste for the production of more efficient yet affordable solar PV cells with 3-D printers.

2. Fervo

Energy 2021 is going to support clean companies and startups that are mainly focused on renewable energy resources for a better and clear environment. Although solar energy and wind power are two main renewable resources for power production, the varying climate conditions are the biggest challenge for these two resources.


Unlike solar energy and wind power, geothermal power is the constant source of energy that helps in decarbonization too. This power source is rarely used to power industries and residential needs. Many startups and companies have taken interest in geothermal energy as it is not only a constant source of energy but cost-effective too.

Fervo Energy is an American company that is working on the utilization of geothermal energy as the source of power supply to the private sector. Brands all over the world are promoting renewable energy discounts. They have developed new systems that can use Enhanced Geothermal Systems to make power generation more economical and efficient. The business model of Fervo Energy is to use the latest techniques and technologies from other fields to empower geothermal power production. They are also using horizontal drilling to use the real potential of geothermal power. This startup is one of the best renewable initiatives for efficient and affordable power generation. Fervo Energy is also funded by Bill Gates's Breakthrough Energy Ventures Fund due to its unique and CleanTech based working model.

3. HST Solar

This amazing and state-of-the-art computer program was designed to empower the solar production industries with advanced technologies. Developers and researchers use this software for the design, analysis, and cost estimation of solar panel development. There are many helpful features of this tool for the developers to monitor, control, and model the PV cells and solar panels.

HST Solar

This software is based on artificial intelligence that can empower large-scale installation and production operations with different kinds of assistive tools and options. The designed products with the use of AI offer better performance than the manually designed products hence, this tool can help you to save almost 20% cost for energy production.

4. Kite Power Systems

Wind energy for the power supply is the normal trend all over the globe and many countries are highly dependent upon wind power. Wind installations are going through a new phase where new and modern technologies are making the windmills more efficient and cost-effective. As compared to the wind power installations of a few years back, today’s wind installations are way more efficient and cost-effective. Typical windmills have been replaced with new and innovative solutions like kite-driven power systems and biomimetic wind trees. Wind power installation companies have introduced mini solutions and for residential buildings too.  

Kite Power Systems

Kite Power Systems is based in the United Kingdom and this company developed kite-driven commercial power stations to use renewable resources. As compared to the traditional windmills that have been used for years, these kite-driven power stations are not only more productive but efficient too. Kites can reach higher altitudes and that’s why it offers better protection than wind turbines.

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