5 Smartest Ways to Monetize Website Traffic for Revenue

Earning passive income from your website or blog is possible, but you need to put real efforts into building viewership. You might have seen articles where bloggers claim to generate thousands of dollars per month with website traffic only. Most of them have been in the blogging niche for a decade, and they have millions of views. Can you make money with existing traffic even if you are not getting millions of views? If you are thinking about sticking to Google AdSense only, then the revenue stats may not be very encouraging.

5 Smartest Ways to Monetize Website Traffic for Revenue

Apart from websites only, here are top ways for international students to earn money.

Best Monetization Channels for your Website

Blogging is a billion-dollar industry, but unfortunately, 68% of the bloggers make less than $5,000 annually, and half of the bloggers leave the field even before earning their very first dollar. Creating and launching a website is straightforward, but maintaining it and getting it ready for monetization requires months of hard work and effort.

Best Monetization Channels for your Website

Blogging is a serious business where monetization pays off. BuzzFeed is one of the most famous websites in 2021, and they generated $300 million in 2018, and they earned more than $425 million last year. In the beginning, they solely depended upon native ads, but then business expansion started, and they used smart strategies to start a new business from the same platform.

You can also turn your blog or website with good traffic into a money-making machine with the right advertisement opportunities. Here are the best ways to monetize your blog for revenue generation with existing traffic:

1. Join Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing is one of the most paying niches in the online world. You partner with different brands and stores, and you are paid a specific commission rate for every sale generated through your referral. You can collaborate with any service provider in the same niche as your blog. You can even buy discounted digital products to launch your own affiliate program.

Join Affiliate Marketing Programs

Suppose you run a blog where you provide digital marketing information. You can join the affiliate program of any digital marketing tool provider company and start promoting their product on your site. When any of your visitors purchase the digital marketing tool through your link, you will receive a specific amount depending upon the commission rates of the affiliate program. While experimenting with affiliate programs, make sure to choose the program or product that is relevant to your blog traffic.

2. Create and Sell Products

If you don’t have time and patience to wait for Google AdSense approval and want to make money right after the website launch, you can try selling digital products. For better profit margins, create your own digital product and then market it to your visitors. Selling physical products on your site and store is also a profitable idea but needs more investment in terms of both time and finance. Finding the wholesale deals from verified wholesale suppliers can make your job a lot easier.

Managing inventory, shipments, and payments on your own require a workforce and a lot of experience. Using 3rd party services will require investment. Here are some common digital products that you can create and sell on your website to your audience:

  • - Audiobooks and eBooks
  • - Launch e-course
  • - Build plugins, websites, tools, and software
  • - Sell downloadable digital content
  • - Sell online merchandize

3. Product Reviews

Online shopping is at a peak all over the world, and 68% of online shoppers check reviews on the internet before buying any product. These online reviews offer value-adding content for the audience. You can use these buying habits to offer personal and expert reviews to your readers about specific items and products. You might even have to buy some items from your pocket. Use Amazon 2021 discount coupons to find the relevant products for the review.

Create and Sell Products

If you have a strong visitor base, not only do companies pay you to have their products and services reviewed, but you can also promote affiliate links at the same time. Apart from direct benefits, brands also offer free samples, so you get additional perks in reviewing niche.

4. Paid Newsletters

This monetization method is only useful if your content is too good and engaging. If you are an expert in something and your knowledge of the industry can benefit your readers, you can ask them to pay a small fee to access the monthly or weekly newsletter. Paid email newsletters are not very common yet if you are confident about the quality of your content, try this monetization option for your audience.

5. Online Tutorials

If you know how to deliver valuable content to your audience, you have countless options to make money online with your existing traffic. You can write content or create video tutorials about famous tools and products that are sold online. During all of this, you can easily promote your affiliate link or suggest your audience to buy from a specific brand.

Online Tutorials

Here are some major options if you want to make money by creating informational tutorials and guides for your visitors:

  • - Kitchen appliances
  • - Online tools and software products
  • - Makeup and beauty products
  • - Gadgets and smartphones