5 Terrible Mistakes to Avoid With Your Sneakers

Why do our sneakers get worn out so quickly? You might not notice but the way you take care of your sneakers massively impacts on how long it will last. Here are 5 terrible mistakes to avoid when wearing sneakers.

5 Terrible Mistakes to Avoid With Your Sneakers

Wrap in plastic

If you wrap them in plastic, they will easily build up a lot of mold or get discolored. Leather and suede shoes need to be placed in a storage where they can breathe and get lots of air. And just in case you want to get a new pair, use these Sneakers Discounts to reduce the price.

Store While They’re Wet

Another thing to remember is not to put your sneakers into their storage container if they are wet. You have to dry them off completely before storing them, this applies when storing them in a cubbyhole as well. If they are not stored properly, sneakers tend to get a lot of mold and give out an unpleasant smell. Place them in a ventilated and dry area that does not get direct sunlight and let them dry completely before storing them. This will ensure that your sneakers will stay healthy and mold-free while you’re going about with your business.

Place Them under Direct Sunlight

Another common mistake that people tend to make is storing them under direct sunlight. When storing under direct sunlight, sneakers tend to lose their color. If you keep doing this, they will change to a yellowish color over time.

Bad Organization

Bad Organization

Organization is essential in keeping up with your kicks, but what’s more important is how you do it. Here are some tips for an easy and quick sorting:

  • - Sort by brand or model: This is probably the most obvious and popular sorting method, but it is not necessarily the most effective one.
  • - If you have some seasonal sneakers – say, those high-top sneakerboots - that you only put on during certain seasons of the year, create a section only for these sneakers. By doing this, you can save a lot of time picking out the ones that are best fit for the occasion.


Keep the sneakers that you wear frequently close at hand for a quick and easy grab before heading out.

Styling Mistakes

Overdressing with Statement Sneakers

When you see people overdressing their sneakers, it’s time to avoid such a mistake. People tend to go over the top by putting statement sneakers, and it’s a habit that should be got rid of. Especially, in today’s age, many brands really like to make designs of over the top statement sneakers. Just follow what the name says, let that pair of sneakers become the main statement, and wear down your clothes. This will make your sneakers the main focus and shine.

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Wrong Styling

Wrong Styling

It’s probably not a good idea to put on your Adidas running shoes to work, I’ve been there. You have got to understand that a pair of sneakers does not fit with an office suit. It may be practical, but it gives away a lot of your style and would badly affect how you look. If you really need to wear them, however, then you should buy the ones that are comfortable, not the ones that they often have during a marathon. Then perhaps a pair of minimal styled sneakers is a good idea for an everyday commute.

Not Dressing to Your Liking

Dressing nicely is definitely important, but being your own style should be your top priority. Feeling comfortable in your own clothes and sneakers is crucial in expressing your personality and statement. As you style with sneakers, remember that you should pair them with the clothes that you like while also maintaining a great overall look. By doing this, you can both fit in and express your personal style.


People can make a lot of mistakes while storing and styling their sneakers. Remember, they are an important piece in our wardrobe so be sure to take great care of them and pair them smartly with your clothes. You will see a vast difference by doing so.