6 Things to Check before Buying Used Smartphone

The smartphone is a major part of our daily life. People spend hours on the smartphone for personal and professional use. We play games, listen to songs, communicate with friends, and perform our jobs with smartphones. Buying the latest smartphone is the dream of everyone because the features and performance of the new phone are admired for many reasons. Not everyone can afford to buy a new phone so users go for used phones. Some people keep changing their phones for fun's sake so used phones are the better option for them.


Buying a second-hand smartphone is a tricky task. Not everyone knows the ins and outs of smartphones and the majority is not aware of things that must be noticed while buying the phone. A good second-hand mobile phone will give you the same features and speed as a new phone. As the price of the used phone is low, people don’t pay any special attention to the details. Even a used flagship smartphone model can cost a few hundred dollars.

1. Buying New vs. Old Smartphone

Buying a new smartphone is an easy and faster way to access the new technologies but the deal is going to be expensive. Whether you should buy a new phone or an old phone? The decision depends upon your budget. If you can find a good used phone that can serve your processing needs, buying a new phone might seem like a waste of money.

Buying New vs Old Smartphone

There are hundreds of discounted smartphones for sales on different online stores. You will find these products a lot cheaper than the new phones. Instead of comparing the pros and cons of buying the used or new phone, we are going to support your decision. Now as you have decided to buy the used mobile, here are 6 important things to check before buying the phone.

2. Avoid stolen phones

Stolen phones are available at lucrative prices and the deals seem to be too sweet. Some sellers will tell you about the status of the phone whether it is a legit device or stolen while many won’t. There are many ways to verify if the device is stolen. You can check the status online and if the device is stolen, never buy it no matter how cheap it is.

Avoid stolen phones

3. Watch out for forged phones

The fake smartphone industry has captured many markets where fake phones are booming. Fake phones are generating massive revenue of $48 billion annually. Millions of fake phones are sold with forged labeling. While buying the used phone from any local shop, always go to the trusted stores. Some online stores are also running such frauds. Cheap unlocked smartphone deals are better than these inexpensive fake phones.

4. Check the physical condition

Now if the status of the phone is checked and it is a safe option for purchase, the next step is to evaluate the physical condition of the phone. Used phones are generally in good condition but some extremely rugged phones are also there in the market. Make sure there are no dents on the body and the color is in perfect condition. Also, make sure there are no dead pixels on the screen and the other buttons are working efficiently.

Check the physical condition

5. Run service code test

Some smartphones are introduced by telecommunication companies and are only useable in certain countries. These locked phones seem perfect until you try to use a SIM card. Seller may not consider your objection after the purchase so it is highly recommended to run a service code test. If the SIM is dropping signal or calls and connections are not allowed, there might be something wrong.

6. Refurbished smartphones are expensive

The refurbished iPhone industry is booming as more and more trusted companies are offering these products. Refurbished phones are not the used phones. Electronic devices that get damaged during the shipment or by the user are sent back to the manufacturer. Engineers diagnose the device and replace the faulty component.

Refurbished smartphones are expensive

This way, refurbished devices are introduced with a slightly lower price tag. Customers with a tight budget can grab used and refurbished iPhone deals. These devices perform and process smoothly just like the original one.