7 Tips for Picking the Perfect Airplane Seat Every Time

One in-flight decision that can make or break your in-flight experience is choosing the right seat. You can get the best air travel deals but choosing the right seat is still an art. Sitting in the wrong seat, especially when you're crammed into a middle seat with an armrest shared between two seats, can leave you feeling uncomfortable and unsure of where to put your elbows. Not so great when the person sitting next to you is 6'3".

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Choosing the Perfect Seat

If sitting inside makes too much noise for you, there are plenty of planes with floor-level seating that also offers an enhanced view. It's not just about finding space though; it's also about finding tranquility because there are many airlines that offer special jumbo jets just for their first-class passengers. Here are 7 tips for choosing the perfect airplane seat every time:

1. Stretch it out

If you want to upgrade to first class, choose a seat near an exit row, so you can stretch out your legs. There are some airplane ticket vouchers that can help with the upgrade depending upon the availability. Be sure to ask the flight attendant for an extra pillow and blanket since they are not normally provided in first class. You will be more comfortable than ever with some extra padding underneath you. If sleeping is what you're after, sitting in first class also means more privacy.

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2. Avoid Agitation

Avoid sitting near the galley or restrooms on the plane by choosing an aisle seat on either side of the plane. That way, you can easily get up for a visit to the restroom or stretch your legs without having to climb over someone else's lap.

3. A Favor for the Feathered Friends

If you are traveling with a parrot, consider booking a window seat so the bird has enough room to move around. The animal may also need some time outside before or after landing. If your pet is small, you can always check it in as an emotional support pet. As an added bonus, there are no kennel fees when you travel with your cat or dog as an emotional support pet.

4. The more Space, the Better

If you want more space on the plane, choose the front or back of the plane because it's usually less crowded than the middle seats. You can also hire professional services if you are traveling abroad and it is a smart move to find travel agency coupon codes so you can discount tickets for your journey.

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5. On the Left or on the Right

When you're sitting in a middle seat, always pick the aisle seat if you can. That way, you can stretch your legs and there's no kicking from the person sitting next to you. When it comes to picking a window seat, be sure to avoid seats A and K (if flying on American Airlines). This is because these letters both fall before T and after Z in the alphabet; thus they are considered unlucky.

6. The Window Seat

Window seats give you a great view but they also tend to be noisier than middle seats because they are located closest to the engine. Even though the noise may bother you, you can always ask the flight attendant to move you to another seat.

7. The Very First Row

The front of the plane is often the most coveted seating area because it's closest to the washrooms, cockpit, business class lounge, and galley. Plus, you'll get picked up by baggage handlers first, which means you'll get off the plane faster.

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Final Words

If you are traveling with a child who has special needs, consider booking an aisle seat in the back of the plane. This way your child can be close to the flight attendant but not so close that he/she may be disturbed while sleeping. Check your airline's website for any discounts or special offers they may be offering. Airlines often give incentives for booking early or booking on specific days of the week.