Amazon Tricks and Hacks You Didn't Know Before

Amazon has transformed the old way of shopping, and it’s not just about shopping i.e. sitting on your couch sipping coffee while shopping for even more coffee. It’s also about the price. 

Everybody knows that Amazon is great on price, but if you know some insider tricks and hacks, you can get even a better deal. Here are some great tricks and hacks you can use to shop more efficiently on Amazon.

1. When your results come up, scroll down

A couple of things that come up first is the thing Amazon wants you to buy maybe they’ve the highest profit margin on it or they’re their most inventory they’re trying to clear out. So, look for the scrappy little Amazon Marketplace retailers lower in the results. They’re willing to undercut the Amazon price a little bit; they know they’ve a hard time competing on it two days shipping. Shipping still usually free, it just takes longer. 

When your results come up, scroll down


2. Filter out the Discounted Products

After performing a search, click into the URL bar and manually type in ‘&PCT-off=90’ at the end of the URL, where ‘90’ is the number to filter by the percentage of. You can make that number anything for example 75, 85 whatever you want. That’s a quick way to figure out exactly what product is the best deal.  I searched watches and got over 565,000 results, I entered ‘&PCT-off=90’ which narrowed down the results to 3,500 deeply discounted watches. Amazon still shows you some of their prime deal, so just ignore those.

Filter out the Discounted Products


3. Leverage Shipping Fails

This one is for Amazon Prime members. You know that you get two days shipping guarantee. If Amazon doesn’t meet that guarantee you can start a live chat session or give the Customer Service Line a call, they’ll give you one of two things; a $5 credit to your account or one month free Prime extension. There’s a thought maybe you can put a prime on your Mother’s Day gift list.

Leverage Shipping Fails


4. See the best Discount Deal

There’s a tool called Amazon Discount Hunter that helps you find tailored department, brand or product that is discounted on Amazon. All the deals are absolutely valid. What you need to do is first select your country and type the name of the product below, and then enter the prices you want – both minimum and maximum. Now, next to this option is the discount slider, which can be used to specify the range you are looking for. Second, you can choose the show up of discounted deals at ‘sort by’ by your way and then determine both Amazon Prime and free shipping options. Finally, the deals will show up when you press the ‘Search Discount’ button. 

Amazon Discount Hunter



Amazon Discount Hunter serves 12 countries including India, China, the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, and the United Kingdom. 

5. Get Some Money Back

Seeing the price of a product goes down the next day when you bought it from Amazon, there’s nothing worse than that. But there’s a way you can get that money back on Amazon, surprising no? What you need to do is keep track of your product’s price after buying, and if you see its price drops within seven days. You can claim for that price and Amazon may refund you the difference.

Get Some Money Back


6. Share Prime

You can share your Prime account with one other person. They do still allow you to share it with up to four people but they’re kind of crock down on it. So, for example, myself and my friend were in the same household we can share an account so we can split the cost of that Prime membership and we can share all the benefits.

Share Prime