Are you Ready to buy your First Guitar?

A new player to the guitar game has a lot of questions about the instrument before they actually buy one. Some of these questions are simpler than others while others might be more complex. This guide will cover some of these topics and give beginners an insight into why it might be worth it for them to buy a guitar. Apart from tips, you will also get to know about the best online coupons for guitars.

Are you Ready to buy your First Guitar

Starting Off: What’s your budget?

Before you start looking at guitars, you need to decide on what your budget is. The price of a guitar can range anywhere from $100 to $10,000 and the type of guitar you buy depends on how much you want to spend. Generally speaking, the more expensive guitars will be better quality and feel than the cheaper ones.

If you’re just starting out and trying to save up for your first instrument, it might be worth it to wait until you save enough money for a better one. If however, your budget is limited by finances or other reasons, there are still cheaper guitars online that will get the job done.

Starting Off

Anatomy of a Guitar

A guitar is made up of a few main parts, the main one being the neck. The neck runs through the center of the instrument and runs through the body of the guitar.


The fingerboard runs along the surface of the neck where your fingers rest to play. This can also be referred to as fretboard. It’s this part that determines how hard you press your strings against it.


This is where all your favorite Rockstar sits happily waiting for their notes to be played by you. This is the largest part of the guitar and holds all the major components together. This area is protected by a hard, thick material called wood.


These are small buttons that are used to tune your guitar. These are easily accessible on steel-stringed guitars but can be slightly trickier to get to on classical guitars. Tuning your guitar is important because it will make sure your notes come out sounding clear and in tune.


Fingerboard and Frets

The fingerboard needs to be kept clean at all times because any dirt or grime can lead to buzzing when you play, also known as fret buzz. The frets are there to guide your fingers to the right note. The frets divide the fingerboard into sections, most commonly they are in sets of 2, 3, 4, and 5.

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If you’ve ever listened closely to an acoustic guitar, you may have heard some rattling in the background. This is where the bridge comes in. It acts as an anchor for your strings which keeps them at a certain tension so they don’t go all over the place when you play.

Buy Guitar Online to Save Money

The guitar is a great instrument able to produce many sounds. It's made of wood, which makes it sturdy and discrete. The strings are made up of catgut, which not only produces quality sound but also improves the tone over time with usage. They are an instrument that requires dedication and practice to master.

Buy Guitar Online to Save Money

You can find suitable discount deals for guitars where you can easily save money online as compared to buying at the physical store. That is the reason why most people turn towards online stores instead of markets.