Best Ring Lights for TikTok and YouTube Videos

TikTok and other video-sharing apps have influenced the global audience in an impactful way. Especially teens are more interested in TikTok because this app has made people famous overnight.

The same goes for YouTube but YouTube is a more professional platform where the value of the content matters. Both of these platforms require the content creators to create videos that are interesting and entertaining.

Best Ring Lights for TikTok and YouTube Videos

For TikTok, you don’t need any studio because a 15-second video can be filmed with your mobile. All you need is a good camera phone and appropriate lighting. Professional lighting for photography can cost you a lot. China lights are usually used as cheaper options. If you want the lowest price, check china LED light coupons for online shopping.

For personal use, ring lights are the best products. If you want to buy a bigger lighting setup, you must wait for top online shopping events 2021.

What is a Ring Light?

You might have seen the amazing lighting effects in almost every TikTok video. All of these effects are due to different types of lighting setups. The ring light has been pretty popular across all video creation platforms. These small lights are portable, versatile, practical, and easy to use for personal and professional videography and videos. Different small LEDs are used in a circular shape to create a ring of light. The unique shape of these lights throws even light on the object. The same lights are used for product photography too.

Top Recommended Ring Lights

The use of ring lights made it possible for everyone to enjoy professional lighting arrangements. There are different sizes available for ring lights. Some products are small enough to fit on the mobile camera lenses while some are bigger. Here are our top recommendations if you want to buy the best ring light for TikTok or YouTube videos.

EICAUS 10” Ring Light

As compared to many other ring lights available in the same price range, EICAUS 10” is the brightest product. The size is big enough to be used for mobile photography and DSLR professional sessions. There are three different options to adjust the intensity of the light. The ring light is powered with the adapter so you don’t need to worry about charging the battery, again and again.

EICAUS 10 Ring Light

The ring light comes with a tripod stand which offers different height adjustment options. The price is high yet the features make it worth it. For better deals, you can go for discounted mobile photography lights.

LED 10.2″ Desktop Selfies Ring Light

Users who love to control the lighting for their videos are going to love this product. Featuring an adjustable tripod and remote control, you have full control over lighting arrangements with LED 10.2″. The smartphone can be adjusted in the center of the ring light so every inch of the object is equally illuminated.

LED 102 Desktop Selfies Ring Light

The light colors are also adjustable which makes it the perfect ring light for indoor and outdoor shoots. The height is not enough if you want to shoot videos on different heights.

8″ Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

If you don’t need bigger ring lights and want to get the job done with compact-sized light, 8″ Selfie Ring Light is the best option for you. The sleek and modular design makes it the best lighting product for indoor and outdoor videography for TikTok or YouTube.

8 Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand

The price is lower than many other products on the list but the quality is also as per the price. This product is for those who want the cheaper product at a more affordable price.

YBNL TEK Led Circle Light

If you want a more compact and smaller size for the ring lights, go for YBNL TEK Led Circle Light. This ring light can be clipped on the top of your smartphone. There is no tripod included in this small ring light. You only need to turn it on and start filming your TikTok videos.

YBNL TEK Led Circle Light

The size is small but the light quality is pretty impressive. There are 40 small LEDs in this unique ring light. Product may obstruct some part of your screen so you will have to manage the placement of the light.

Neewer is the most popular brand for ring lights and you can benefit from their limited-time offer. Get a discount of 60% on the Neewer Ring Light Kit.