Best Summer Pet Care Tips for Your Furry Friends in 2020

The hot summer days can be a nightmare for your furry friends. Here are some top pet care tips on how to keep them in tip-top shape through the summer. 

The hot summer months are great for picnics and days lazing by the pool, but they’re also a hazard to your skin and could potentially cause heatstroke, dehydration, and sunburn. That doesn’t just apply to you, either. Your pets are potentially at just as much risk during those hot summer days as you - or perhaps even more so. It might be time to take a trip down to the pet care store to prepare. 

Best Summer Pet Care Tips

Top summer pet care tips

It’s of paramount importance that you keep your pets safe from the heat and other risks that are common during the summer months. Some of these risks you might have never even considered, so do pay attention throughout our top pet care tips for your furry four-legged friends this summer. 

Be mindful of the heat

Your pets can be badly affected by the heat. That should go without saying, but some people still don’t seem to change their behavior as a result. Always make sure that you’ve got water left out for your pet. On top of that, you should have at least one room in the house that is being cooled by fans or - preferably - the air conditioning. There should also be shade in this room. Allow your pet to rest in there. 

Be mindful of the heat

Watch out for anti-freeze 

It’s actually quite common in the summertime for cars to leak anti-freeze due to overheating. This forms little puddles under the car. Considering your pet is likely going to be more dehydrated than usual - plus the fact that they’re not going to be above drinking from a random puddle in the yard - the risk of them drinking this is high. Doing so can be lethal for them, so always check that your car doesn’t have puddles of anti-freeze underneath it. 

Use sunblock if needed

Certain animals don’t deal well with UV rays. Yours might be one. Check online or with your vet whether your pet needs sunscreen. There are plenty of great pet care deals that you can find online using coupons and promo codes, so shop around and get the best price possible without compromising on quality. 

Be careful of ticks and bugs

Summer is high time for your pet to get ticks or fleas, as well as to come into contact with a variety of other bugs that could spread diseases. It’s important that you protect your pet against bugs in summer - but you have to do it in a safe way. Some products might kill all the bugs, but they’ll also be harmful to your pet. Head on down to your local pet store - or go online - and find an organic and safe repellent to use on your pets.

Be careful of ticks and bugs

Don’t shave your pet

Your pet’s coat naturally protects it from heat during summer and cold during winter. It also protects them from harmful UV rays. Bear in mind that lions are covered in fur and they live in the Savanah… In short, your pet has evolved to deal with the heat and cold pretty well, so they don’t really need you to intervene here. 

Be mindful of their paws 

You should try to keep the floor and patio cool so that your pet’s paws don’t burn. Simply spray some water from the hose onto the patio, and keep the AC on indoors. That should be enough to keep them comfortable.