Can Anyone Track My Phone’s Precise Location?

We are in 2021 and still worried about our privacy. Did you ever think that anyone could track my phone’s precise location? Is it possible to track my movements and visit locations with the help of my own cell phone? The best way to avoid all of this fuss is to use VPN. If you don’t have the paid VPN yet, buy one with VPN coupon codes. We all are carrying our own tracking devices in our pockets all the time. Government agencies, security authorities, and authorized personnel have access to our private data and yes, they can track your phone’s precise location. 

Can Anyone Track My Phones Precise Location

This privacy issue is not only accessible by top authorities or agencies only but even advertising companies and hackers, who are looking for some vulnerabilities in your phone, can also track your phone’s location. It all sounds like the scene from a science fiction movie where police track the location of a killer while he is on the phone but the sad reality is that it is true. Hackers, companies, and agencies can really track your precise location with the help of your own phone. 

How Bounty Hunters Track Phone’s Location?

How Bounty Hunters Track Phones Location

Most of us think that we have nothing to hide so why should we worry about security breaches and hacks from hackers? You may not have any sensitive data but even your online information can be valuable for someone. Bounty hunters can sell your interests and the details of your contacts to any company that can target you for their ad campaign. Security breaches and hacks are not always about stealing files and photos. It can be anything that you are not willing to share with anyone like messages, contact numbers, and your bookmarked websites.

If your phone is hacked, you must replace it. Some hackers are too strong to be blocked by tools. The essential guide to buying a new smartphone with a low budget can help you to get a new phone. 

How is Phone Tracking possible?

Do you know that your cell phone companies are selling your location and other contact information to other companies who are willing to expand their targeted circle? If you did not know this before then you must read this article till the end. We will try our best to answer your question: can anyone track my phone’s precise location? 

How is Phone Tracking possible

The New York Times published an article last year where it was claimed that major cell phone companies like Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T are selling their customers’ information to companies and shady middlemen. Although these companies are not intended to harm you but never know who is buying information on the other end. So, it can be an advertisement company or it can be a drug seller who is looking for the contact information of the college students. All the phone service providers have claimed that they are not selling the information to other companies anymore. 

How do Security Agencies Track Location of your Phone?

How do Security Agencies Track Location of your Phone

Your cellular companies are bound to provide your personal information to any security agency if they have a warrant for this action. Agencies just need to get a warrant and you are next on their watch list. This was the legal and right way to track the precise location of your phone. Police and other agencies can get real-time access to your location too. Your location will be monitored continuously if you are on their hit list. They will be notified about each and every movement with the location of your phone. 

How Advertisers Track the Location?

We have installed hundreds of apps and programs on our phones. We use these apps on a daily basis. These apps are really useful in daily tasks. Some apps are for official use and others are entertainment apps. But did you ever notice that apps ask for access to your phone’s location? If you want to get rid of these ads, you can install the Ad-block tool, and here are the best Ad-block deals 2021

How Advertisers Track the Location

Sometimes it looks suspicious when a torch application asks for permission to access your contact list. Why do they need this permission? Because they sell our information to ad agencies that use this information to send us their new product details and packages. Sometimes we receive promotional offers from brands we have never visited before. These brands get phone numbers from sites and apps that we have permitted to access our phone’s location.


These were the major factors involved with the location privacy of our phone but there are many more. They can track your location down to a few meters. So, try to avoid allowing access to each and every app and site. Make sure that your GPS is not active all the time. There are high chances that your phone is bugged if you bought it in refurbished form. That’s why people prefer buying brand new phones. New smartphone discount vouchers can help you to get a new one at a discounted price.