Car Rental Scams that you need to Avoid

Car rental agencies are always there to help you out when your personal car breaks down. You can even use car rental deals and discounts to get the best deal as per your requirements. But, they could also be using that opportunity to scam you into paying a 'special fee' for something that doesn't need replacement. Take this as a friendly reminder to be on the lookout for scams like these!

Car Rental Scams that you need to Avoid

The first tip-off is when an agency charges large fees for something that should be included in the regular price, such as special fuel or filters.

Another is when they want to charge you upfront with no refund available if the vehicle isn't returned within 24 hours.

Finally, don't sign anything before reading all of it and asking questions about anything unclear.

Common Car Rental Scams

Common Car Rental Scams

Cheap car rental promotions might seem attractive but the car rental companies sometimes lure you into traps. Car rental scams are pretty common these days and countless people fall prey to these scams. Here are 5 common car rental scams that you need to avoid in the very first place:

1. Scammer asks for your personal information

2. Scammer claims that you failed to provide required documents and they were unable to rent the car

3. They claim they will be delivering the vehicle in person, then come back with a police officer to collect payment

4. Scammer gets distracted and leaves without collecting payment or returning the car

5. Scammer asks for a deposit to hold the car, claiming that they will return to deliver the vehicle but never returns

How to Avoid Car Rental Scams

How to Avoid Car Rental Scams

The use of online car rental services is common but you need to be careful while choosing any such car rental service. Here are some ways to avoid it:

1. Go directly to the rental office and do not get distracted. There is no need for you to go anywhere else unless you are asked

2. Never give any personal information when renting a car, including your ID, address, and credit card details

3. Mind your own business when police officers show up at your door, they should have a warrant before entering your premises

4. Never rent from someone who does not have a major credit card such as VISA or Mastercard and try to negotiate with them over the price that is listed on their website

5. If you are asked for an extra deposit that you have never agreed to, do not pay

6. Never pay until the car is returned and always take pictures at the time of payment

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7. If the rental agent refuses to return your car, go directly to the rental office and file a complaint against them

8. In the event that a scammer is making false claims about your credit card information, both you and the credit card company will suffer, scan your credit card before you leave home

9. Always let relatives know where you are going and when you plan to return

10. Always take pictures of items such as receipts, police reports, or proof of damage when payment for your car rental is made


ways to save money on car rentals

There are many legit ways to save money on car rentals. You should be careful while renting the car, especially when you are away from your hometown. These scammers can get you in real trouble if you are not careful enough.