Critical Points to Check before Buying Used iPhone

Buying a new iPhone is an expensive deal and not everyone can afford the newly released devices so people look for better yet cheaper ways to buy Apple products. The idea of refurbished iPhone devices is a little bit different from used devices. 

Critical Points to Check before Buying Used iPhone

Discounts for used iPhones can make the deal even better and more affordable. The buying process for refurbished iPhone is different from used phones. In this article, we are going to explore factors that can impact the purchase of a used iPhone.

5 Things to Know about Buying Used iPhone

This is a blog post about the 5 things you need to know when buying used iPhones.

5 Things to Know about Buying Used iPhone

  1. Make sure they're properly inspected by a qualified individual before purchasing. It should be done in person and not over the internet or telephone.
  2. Always ask for receipts and guarantees of authenticity - this will put your mind at ease and give you peace of mind when making that final purchase decision.
  3. Be familiar with the model and version of your device. The serial number and IMEI should be printed on the back of the phone and look like this:
  4. Keep in mind that most sellers are not willing to walk you through the setup process, nor are they likely to answer technical questions about the phone.
  5. If a person is acting suspiciously when you're looking at a used iPhone, or appears to know more about it than they should, it's best to just walk away from that transaction. I have been scammed many times by people posing as "techs" in order to sell me a phone - they were very convincing and had great stories, but always seemed a little sketchy.

Refurbished iPhone coupon codes are available on most of the stores and online sites but don’t fall if the offer is too good to be true. Make sure to check all of the mentioned points before buying the refurbished or used iPhone.

Should you buy a used iPhone?

Should you buy a used iPhone

Buying an iPhone off of a friend or coworker is one of the easiest ways to save money. However, buying from someone who has purchased it can be tricky.

Here's a quick guide on how to tell if you should buy your next used iPhone from someone or not.

A list about how to buy an iPhone off someone:

Ask them some questions about the phone first (including but not limited to: How old is it? What condition is it in? Has it been repaired?)

Should you buy a used iPhone 1

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  • - Try out the phone in person before purchasing (if possible) and ask them if they could let you try for any reason.
  • - Could you also send them pictures of the phone showing any problems (like a cracked screen)?
  • - If they can't meet up to meet and see the phone themselves, check out their feedback on Etsy or eBay. This is a good way to find out about any problems that could arise after purchase.
  • - Sometimes you might have to pay extra for shipping fees. Make sure you are getting a fair trade value for your money.
  • - Make sure they are trustworthy. If there is no way of meeting in person, give them an ETA on when it will be shipped (at least a few days).

If you are not comfortable with the condition or the authenticity of the phone, you can go for the best used iPhone deals 2021. These deals can make the used iPhone worth it. Instead of wasting money with the stolen or suspicious devices, always go for authentic phones, no matter what the price is.