Difference between Overweight and Obesity

Both “obesity and overweight” are commonly used terms and most of us don’t even understand the difference between these terms. Although we usually use these terms in the same sense there are different reasons why being obese or overweight is not the same thing. BMI or Body Mass Index is something that draws a fine line between obesity and overweight.

Difference between Overweight and Obesity

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What is Body Mass Index?

BMI is the calculation of a person’s body weight in relation to their age and height. Knowing the BMI of anyone can help you identify whether the person is overweight or obese. In general condition, people who have a BMI of 25-29.5 are considered overweight and a BMI of 30 indicates obesity.

What is Body Mass Index

How to Calculate BMI?

The calculation of BMI can help you to determine your physical fitness. There are different apps and websites that can help you to calculate the BMI. You just have to provide weight (in pounds), age, and height. If you do it in a manual way; simply multiply your weight by 704.5 and divide the result by height (in inches). You have the BMI this way.

What are Obesity and Overweight?

What are Obesity and Overweight

As the body weight exceeds the standard measurements in relation to height, we call such a person overweight. Muscle mass generally causes weight gain so body fat may or may not affect the weight. Athletes and other fit military personnel have more muscle mass but still, they look thin. Their weight is generally more than the standard person of that age but they don’t have excessive fat. Having muscle mass can increase weight but it does not make you fat.

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Obesity is different from the overweight condition because it is due to additional body fat. Obesity is the excess of body fat and you can clearly determine if someone is obese.

Is Obesity caused by ultra-processed foods?

Is Obesity caused by ultra processed foods

There are different studies at a population ecological level that indicate an association between obesity and the use of ultra-processed food items. The food items that are mostly associated with obesity include sugary drinks, potato chips, candy, desserts, refined grains, and processed meats. The majority of the experts agree on the point that all of these foods contain no significant nutrients so using these ultra-processed foods will only increase body fat.

They are a high-density calorie source, that's it. They stay in our gut system since they don't have the fiber to help them move around and they simply don't give numerous healthful advantages. Ongoing investigations have shown that ultra-processed foods can change the capacity to quit eating, making segment size control troublesome.

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Calories count matters a lot but these ultra-processed foods offer empty calories only with no health benefit. Food items that are low on fiber impact the microbiota in a negative way. In the whole problem, ultra-processed foods play an important role because fast food is too commonly available everywhere.



All of these unhealthy diet habits are making people fat and sick. You need to eat more often at home instead of in fast-food chains. Ultra-processed items are conveniently available everywhere and that’s why the fast-food restaurant business is booming everywhere. Focus on healthy eating habits instead of eating burgers and fries only. 

Instead of sods, French fries, and hamburgers, try fruit cups, grilled chicken sandwiches, and low-fat milk. Try to cook food at home and it will let you customize the diet plans as per your personal needs. Also follow weight loss programs and also use discounts for weight loss programs. Obesity cannot be controlled unless people start eating fresh foods on a priority basis.