Difference between Shopping Vouchers and Coupons

The difference between a discount shopping voucher and a coupon is that the former will no longer have the same value when it expires because it cannot be used. A coupon can have a certain value in-store, but once you leave with your purchase, you may only use the value in the store.

There is a difference between coupons and vouchers in terms of timing. A coupon simply lets an individual know about a discount available at a time when he/she wants to make a purchase. There are occasions where this type of document can expire without being used up, such as after one month from its issue date.

What is a Shopping Voucher?

On the other hand, a shopping voucher can be considered as a temporary credit note issued by a party such as a bank. This credit note will expire after a certain period of time and is no longer accepted for payment or exchange.

Shopping vouchers

An example of purchasing vouchers is buying movie tickets at half price and then having to pay the balance before watching the film. With this example, you use the coupons and shop at the mall during specific days and times. On that particular day, you are able to redeem your vouchers for half-price movie tickets at any SM Cinema outlet but you must complete your purchase within 30 days from the date of issue. The difference between shopping vouchers and coupons is that these are no longer accepted once they are expired.

What is a Shopping Coupon?

A shopping coupon code, on the other hand, is a document that promotes a discount for a specific item or service at one time. Unlike coupons, shopping vouchers are usually negotiated individually with the store's management to bring about the discount.

If your store is not involved in using or distributing shopping vouchers for their customers then you will just have to pay the regular prices of the products and services that you need.

Shopping coupons

For example, if an individual has an SM Advantage card, he/she can use it to purchase movie tickets at half price but only on certain days of the week and within 30 days from the date of issue. With this example, you can use your SM Advantage card at any SM Cinema outlet but only during specific times and days only.

How do Coupons and Vouchers benefit the Customers?

There are many benefits of using coupons and vouchers. These are just but a few of them:

  • Setting up various discounts for the customer to choose from, thus attracting more shoppers to their stores.
  • Using booklets or pamphlets that contain discount offers for different items or services available in the store.

With these, the customers do not need to scour different stores just to get what he/she needs because it will be right there for him/her at one place. This type of business practice helps bring in more income for the store owner because he will have more shoppers who will buy products and services from his store.

Why Vouchers and Coupons are Important?

Vouchers and coupons are important because they are tailored to the individual's needs. It is to the individual's benefit to take advantage of these online store offers because they can purchase more products and services at very affordable prices.

Discounts and vouchers

Vouchers and coupons are also important from a business standpoint because they will allow them to have more customers by offering low prices on different items.

In conclusion, coupons and vouchers offer benefits for both the store owner as well as the customer.


At the end of this article, the reader is now aware of the difference between coupons and vouchers. He or she is now knowledgeable about what they are and how to read them.

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He or she knows how these are being used by businesses to benefit both customers as well as themselves. The reader has also learned that vouchers are usually issued by banks while coupons are often distributed by an individual or entity that wants to promote products or services at a very affordable price for both customers and/themselves.

Online promotions and coupons

One can choose to utilize coupons and vouchers in his/her own business ventures especially if he is not blessed with a lot of money for advertisement purposes.