Fake Vouchers and Promos that Cost you more

Almost all businesses introduce online shopping coupons and promos to attract more customers. Among these deals and discounts for the customers, there are always going to be some scammers that will try to trick you with fake deals and promos.

If you are not careful with what you are reading, you will end up falling for scams and losing your hard-earned money. This is why it is recommended that you do some research about the online store before buying anything.

Fake promos and coupons

Fake Shopping Coupons are Real Issue

Believe it or not, there are actually real-looking fake coupons that you can find on the internet. A lot of online stores use them to attract customers to their websites. These fake coupons are not necessarily created by scammers, but they are rather created by the actual company itself. The idea is to attract clients in buying their products or services even if they do not need them or even if they cannot afford them.

The Ways How Fake Online Shopping Coupons Work

A lot of online shopping sites use different ways for businesses to promote their products or services with fake coupons. The most common method that fake coupons use is websites that offer freebies and coupon codes. These coupons are fake and do not have a real retailer name. Most of the time, these fake coupons will have a link that directs you to another website that provides real coupons.

Coupons for online shopping

The next common way for fake online shopping coupons works is with links on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. When you click on this link, you will get redirected to an entirely different website where you can get the real coupon code from the actual retailer's site. This new site 'looks' like your original destination website but it can be found from a lot of search engines. To make things worse, the trackers do not show that it is a referral link and thus make you think that it is really from the original company's website.

How to Find Legit and Genuine Coupons?

If you are using online coupons, promos, and deals, you should know how to identify if it is fake. According to the experts of the retail industry, the only way that consumers can find legitimate coupons is through official websites. If you take a look at fake coupons then compared to genuine ones, they will be much bulkier with much fewer details about their retailer. They also tend not to have any format or specific design that matches their intended retail companies. Fake coupons will also feature huge discounts and deals that will make you think that they are really great for everyone.

Coupons and sales

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Save Money with Coupons and Promos

There are numerous kinds of coupons and discounted promos online. To save more money, you should start searching for them so that you can save money on your purchases. The best way for you to find these discounts is by browsing the internet for different store pages. If the store page is offering coupons or promo codes, take note of their email address so that you can apply it when making your next purchase.

By using coupons and promo codes, you will be helping the local businesses to grow the sales in their business. You will also be supporting them financially because they will receive money from customer sales that are made because of coupons and promo codes.

Fake vouchers


It is very easy for you to fall into the trap of scammers if you do not know how to identify fake coupons. Scammers make a lot of money from consumers because they cannot tell what is real and what is fake. My tip for consumers is to always do some research about a certain website before buying anything from them.

You can always find information about a certain business through search engine search results. This way, you will be able to protect your hard-earned money from being used by scammers. For latest coupons and promos from reputable stores, check their official websites so that you won't have problems redeeming them.