Five Most Famous Destinations that you must Visit in your Life

Traveling is the best hobby as it not only makes you smarter but also the healthier one. When you travel around the world you meet people of different cultures and traditions and it will make you learn new things and hence make you sharper. It is not possible to travel to all famous destinations so in this article I will tell you about five famous destinations around the world. But traveling has never been cheaper before as we are offering the best international holiday packages for our readers. You can grab the best last-minute deals if you want to save big on your next tour.

1. Paris


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The city of romance and fragrance is famous for its enchanting sights, the Eiffel tower, and the best cuisine. It is the most visited capital in the world. It is a fascinating city where you can enjoy even the simple walk on the roads. There are many monuments present in this city like the famous Eiffel tower, Majestic Arc de Triomphe, and also the Lofty Notre Dame. It is simply the most beautiful destination in my diary.

2. The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

This is the man-made, huge and broad wall that surrounded China from all sides. It was built for security purposes during war times but now it is a worth seeing destination in China where thousands of tourists come to visit. It is present on the mountain edges so it shows the marvelous view of China.

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3. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

It is famous for the hot boiling springs in the USA. It is extended over many states of the USA and also shows different views at the locations of the different states. The vapors from the hot springs and all the scenes will amaze you. There is a special feature of light quality which remains the same regardless of day or night time. When you go to high altitude and then watch this light this aspect completely fascinates you. There are unexpected cloud formations, many fountains, mineral ranges, and pristine, etc. Get popular restaurant deals by using promos for different hotels.

4. Victoria Fall

Victoria Fall

It is commonly known as the” Mosi oa Tunya”, which means the smoke that thunders. It makes the world's biggest waterfall curtain and is positioned among the wonders of the world. It is 1700m in width and has variable length ranges mostly between 80 m to 108 m. It is actually bigger than Niagara Falls and has an extended variety of woodland. It gives breathtaking views as we see it from the different sides of the place. It is not safe to visit Victoria Falls in the rainy season so you must visit it from June to January.

5. Venice


It is a unique city in Italy and the sight of attraction for those who truly love to visit the perfect destinations. You mostly visit a city by road but in Venice, you will get an extraordinary option. There is the canal which runs through the city and the way of transportation. It is a city of perfection, architecture, worth seeing the environment and history. The boat called Gondola is a unique and famous way of transportation which is only a few left now. So, if you go to Venice you must ride a boat.

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