Get Perfect Jeans for your Body

Ever found jeans that you absolutely love and hate at the same time? Have you found the perfect online deal for jeans but don’t know if it is right for your body? The ones in the store fit well, but when you get them home they look like a baggy mess. This article will help you find the perfect pair of jeans for your body shape!

Get Perfect Jeans for your Body

How to choose the perfect Jeans?

So you found a pair that fit in the store, well when you get home and try them on they don't even come close. Take a Sharpie and mark where you would like them to be altered. Write down exactly what needs to be done. 

Bring it back to the store and have the salesperson alter it for you. Bring a pair of shoes or boots with you so they know what length, if they need it hemmed, etc. Depending on your jeans, sometimes all that needs to be done is cut off an existing hem and re-stitch, but again bring shoes or boots for this!

How to choose the perfect Jeans

Online jeans store coupon codes might get you excited about the purchase but you need to consider their size chart before making the purchase. Wrong selection of size can sabotage your experience.

Size It Up!

When trying jeans on always start from the top down. First, put on the shirt. Next, you want to put on the bra and then slide up your jeans. Before zipping them up take a look in the mirror and ensure that there is no weird bunching or gaps where the shirt and bra meet. If it is too tight, try another size or style!

Let Your Jeans Breathe!

You definitely want to try your jeans on before you wash them, and this goes for washing them as well. Only wash jeans once you have already worn them for a few days to make sure they fit how you would like them to. If there is a large gap under your jeans or you feel that the jeans are too tight, just put them away for another day.

Let Your Jeans Breathe

Different Types of Jeans for Men

Jeans are a staple for men. They can be worn to work, shopping, or even on a date. They come in all colors and cuts and the style is always evolving. As we head into fall some key considerations are which jeans you wear to work and what color will not only match your outfit but also fit the time of year. In case you are shopping for the next season, make sure to check online shopping deals and vouchers for clothing brands for the best prices.

Different Types of Jeans for Men

Here are some of our favorite types of jeans for men:

Black Jeans

Black jeans are usually worn with lighter colors in the warmer months while they might be paired with darker tones in winter. These versatile jeans can be dressed up or down depending on what you're wearing on top.

Blue Jeans

Blue jeans can be worn with almost anything. They look best with a crisp white buttoned shirt but work just as well with dark denim. The only thing you need to avoid is wearing them in light colors or white shoes to keep the look balanced.

Brown Jeans

These are the go-to jeans for men for spring and summer because they're light and easy to wear. They can be dressed up or down depending on what you're wearing on top.

Brown Jeans

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Dark Wash Jeans

Dark wash jeans are worn year-round. They look great with a collared shirt and a pair of brown oxfords, but can also be paired with a white buttoned shirt to give the outfit some color.

Dirty Jeans

Once you go dark, you never go back. These dark jeans have been worn down by years of wear and tear which makes them incredibly comfortable and looks just as good on you as it does on your favorite actor or singer.

Structured Jeans

These aren't your average jeans because they're made with an inside panel to help give shape to any body type.