How to Deal With Men’s Skincare in Summer Days

Summer days are the best days. But UV damage to the skin can cause serious problems - even cancer. Here are some top tips for men’s skincare in the summer. 

Long summer days. The sun is out and the mood is high, but then, so are the radiation levels. UV damage can damage the skin and cause cancer. While women have been protecting their skin for decades with a variety of products, men haven’t been so on-the-ball. 

How to Deal With Men’s Skincare in Summer Days

Skincare has traditionally been seen as a women’s thing, but recently a number of companies have been encouraging more men to indulge in skincare. From Dr. Squatch to Lumin to Tiege Hanley, affordable mencare products are starting to become a normal thing to see in bathrooms around the world. 

How to take care of men’s skincare in the summer

Skincare is a year-round affair, but summer is the time when you really want to be paying attention. Most people don’t wear sunblock, which is actually a real problem when you consider how common skin cancer is in older people. 

Not only do the aggressive UV rays from the sun cause cancer, but they also damage your skin, making you look older. A quick and simple skincare regime doesn’t take long to implement and it certainly doesn’t make you any less of a man - that kind of thinking is reserved for people with crap skin. 

Use sunblock. 

The single most important thing that you can do for your skin is to use sunblock. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to dose your face in white cream every time you go outside - Tiege Hanley’s morning moisturizer has an SPF of 20, for example, which means it protects you from most of the sun’s damage. 

Make sure that you’re using something - anything - to stop UV damage in the summer. That’s the single most important men’s skincare tip. 


Use sunblock

Wear a hat if balding 

Hair loss is a bit of a pain. We can send rockets to Mars and have them come back to Earth after, but we can’t fight male pattern hair loss. It’s a sick and twisted reality, but it’s the one we call home. If you’re losing your hair, then you should be wearing a hat. If not, you’ll cause major damage to your scalp that could turn into cancer.

Have a skincare regime 

If you’re a man and you don’t have a skincare regime, then you’re not an alien. Still, you are becoming less and less common. Men are beginning to embrace skincare as they realize why women were doing it this whole time.  

Use a proper face wash - not soap because the skin on your face is too sensitive - then use an exfoliator. Only exfoliate once every three days though, otherwise, you’ll do more harm than good. Finally, apply a moisturizer that has an SPF of at least 20, but higher if possible. 

There are various companies that now offer ‘all in one’ packages that are sent to your door every month so you always have a supply. Having great skin is easier now than ever before and there are plenty of affordable mencare products out there now. 


Have a skincare regime 

It’s not just about the face!

People often get so focussed on the face when it comes to skincare because it’s what’s uncovered every day. Still, the rest of your body needs some lovin’ too. That’s why you should invest in a good soap that doesn’t have chemicals in it and doesn’t throw your body’s rhythm out of balance. We recommend something organic like Dr. Squatch. Get a great 25% discount coupon on Dr. Squatch organic soap here.  

Don’t be unprepared this summer. Make sure that your skin is on point and protected from the sun!