How to get Deal Alerts on Amazon?

If you want to get the best shopping deals at Amazon, you need to grab the stuff as soon as possible. If you keep waiting, the right products will be out of stock before you even realize that the Amazon discount sale is active. We have a simple solution – deal alert tools.

Deal Alert is a tool that updates you with instant notification as soon as a deal goes live on Amazon. In simple words, as soon as Deal of the Day or Lightning Deal is live on Amazon, you will be prompted to see those deals before others even know about those hot products.

How to get Deal Alerts on Amazon

Grab the Amazon Deals ASAP

When you use Deal Alert, you will get an instant notification as soon as a new Amazon Prime Day deal is live. You can also stay ahead of the crowd by checking the deals, only from your mobile phone. In addition, Deal Alert tools allow you to share these deals with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, so they won't miss out on the deals due to lack of time or forget about that great deal once it is gone.

What is a Deal?

A deal at a store means a discounted price for a product. When a store is running a sale, there will be a sign up for this and this is known as the deal. These deals happen several times per day and you can either go to the store or shop online, choosing to get those deals on time.

What is a Deal

How to Set Up Amazon Lightning Deal Notifications?

A lightning deal notification is an email that arrives in your inbox when Amazon sends out a deal that you're eligible for. It includes where you can find the product, the duration of time it's available, and if it's being sold by Amazon or an outside vendor.

How to Set Up Amazon Lightning Deal Notifications

Deals and discounts offer you better prices without compromising on quality. So, deals are the simplest way to stop wasting extra money on online shopping.

Setting up notifications is easy. Just open your email settings in Gmail to create a filter for emails from Amazon so they'll always go straight to your inbox when they launch something new. You still have to actually buy the product but at least you'll be notified right away!

Here's how to do it:

1. In your Gmail account, scroll to the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu and click on "Settings."

2. In the General tab, scroll down and click on "Filters and Blocked Addresses."

3. In the next tab over, click on "Create a new filter."

4. One of three options will appear, so let's start with the first one: "From contains." This means you can enter any email address or domain you want under from email(s) so that only emails from that specific address will be filtered into this folder you're creating. For this example, just type in "@" into the first box and then click on "Create filter with this search."

5. A new folder will appear on the left-hand side of your screen called "Amazon". You can name it whatever you want, or delete it if you'd rather not receive emails from Amazon.

Amazon Black Friday Deals

6. Now you'll repeat this process for keyword searches so that all emails containing specific keywords will go directly to this new folder. Note: some keywords work better than others, but some popular keywords are: lightning deals, Amazon Black Friday Deals, Christmas deals, etc.

7. Once you've created the filter for these keywords, your Gmail will automatically put all emails from Amazon into this new folder.

8. The last step is to make sure you click on the little box next to "Also apply the filter to" and select "Forward it to..." so that you will receive a copy of the email as well as be able to file it away in the folder you created, where it's easy to access and find whenever you need it.