How to Spot Fake Reviews on Amazon?

Amazon is an amazing platform to shop due to exclusive sales and discounts for online shopping. Some sellers try to lure customers with fake reviews on Amazon. The ones that don't lie about what they sell. Some sellers will ask customers to leave a review if they buy their product, with a free gift attached. Buyers who have received the gift offer a fake review. The gift is usually something not worth much money or very common, so it’s easy to say you got it as part of your purchase.

How to Spot Fake Reviews on Amazon

Amazon sellers may be trying to manipulate reviews by asking people to leave them as soon as they've made a purchase - this doesn't happen often because Amazon has said they're going after these reviewers and punishing them severely, but the practice continues nonetheless.

How to Spot a Fake Amazon Review?

Sometimes, you come across a good discount voucher on Amazon, but when you go to buy it, the reviews are so gushing that you think they must be fake. But what is there to do when an item is too good to be true? "What's happening?" You might ask yourself. "Why are people not posting any negative comments?"

Well, an enterprising individual has posted this blog post in response to this very question! They've given some great advice for how to spot fake Amazon review scams and they have also included some tips on how they were able to expose these scams. Here are some tips on how to spot fake Amazon Reviews:

How to Spot a Fake Amazon Review

1. Check for consistencies

Look at the patterns of the reviews submitted. Do these reviews only consist of 1 to 2 line long comments? If so, this is probably a fake review. The reason why these reviews do not elaborate is that these are fake reviewers and they make a living by doing this. Usually, they get paid per review and they want to keep their job and keep getting paid.

2. Look for misspellings

This is especially common with fake reviewers who are not native English speakers. These individuals most likely will spell most words incorrectly, leaving off letters or adding random letters into words that end with "ing" like playing instead of playing or something like that!

3. Look for nonsense

Some reviewers might leave off words from sentences or from the entire review. This is usually a giveaway that this review might be fake because these reviewers are trying to make you believe that they are normal customers by actualizing their opinion in a grammatically correct way.

Look for nonsense

4. Look for Perfect reviews

This is not foolproof but some people will only write good things about a product even if they did not try or even see the product in person before. This is just their way of trying to convince you that they are a legitimate user. They might try to convince Amazon coupon codes that came with the offer. This happens because these reviewers are not trying to impress you but they just want to get their money or even leave a good review for future buyers.

5. Look for 5-star reviews

These types of reviews are the fakest because no one would ever post their own genuine experiences but if they give out 5 stars, this will also convince you that the product is really good. You can choose the peak time for online shopping if you want to buy premium items without the fear of being scammed.

Look for 5-star reviews

6. Look for Positives

If you do not want to judge a book by its cover, this is where you should look at the reviews. Look at the total number of positive reviews and if there are more positive reviews than negative ones, this will be a good sign because this means that people are behaving rationally when they are posting their genuine feedback.