Mattress Purchase Guide: How to Pick The Mattress for Your Night’s Sleep

Picking a new mattress can be exhausting. That being said, it is essential to get a high-quality one with optimal features. With our help, you can purchase the very best mattress that brings you extra comfort during sleep.

Mattress Purchase Guide

Bouncy beds

For this pick, you should buy a traditional innerspring style mattress. It is firm and has that bouncy feel that you would be comfortable with. The interconnected coils inside these mattresses are incredibly durable. Each of these pocketed coils is filled with fabric, which reduces the ripple effect happening when the person on one side of the bed moves. To reduce your purchase, apply various mattress promo codes at checkout.

Firmer Base Beds

A memory foam mattress usually has more pressure relief and less spring, so it’s a good idea to try them out. The density and the thickness of the foam will determine how deep you’ll sink, the deeper you sink, the better the quality. Most mattresses nowadays use different layers of foam, they would generally have heavier layers on the bottom for support and lighter ones on the top to get maximum comfort.

Bed with Plush Top

Bed with Plush Top

My suggestion is you should buy a firm, well-quilted mattress, and then put another layer of replaceable mattress on top. Because even though an innerspring mattress has amazing features like fiberfill and foam outer layer, quilted ticking, it usually compresses over time.

For Side Sleepers

Consider buying one with a surface that is best fit for your body weight and your shape. I mean sure getting an innerspring mattress will get you more pressure relief than with a foam or latex mattress. However, some high-end foam mattresses have pressure relief points built into them, so you wouldn’t have much trouble with them anyway, especially for side sleepers.

For Stomach Sleepers

No stomach-sleeper would want an enveloping memory foam because of how smothering it feels. As an alternative, get yourself a firmer bed, it will offer you the best support that you and your stomach need. Look for a firm foam, air-filled or dense innerspring mattress. In addition, there are a few mattresses out there that offer great compatibility when you have to face the reality of tiny house living.

For Back Sleepers

You should get a mattress that’s in the middle. I suggest one that is soft enough to support your back while keeping your spine in a perfect alignment. Any mattress types will do actually, but be sure to try them out yourself to see which one brings you the most comfort.

For Those That Toss and Turn

For Those That Toss and Turn

For such sleepers, an innerspring mattress would be the best option. Consider buying one with pocketed coils, memory foam, latex, or air-filled mattress.

If You Need a Cool Bed

A lot of manufacturers do offer mattresses that have cooling properties, but it’s hard to believe when you consider all the layers (sheets, protectors, toppers, etc.) on top of their mattresses. Nonetheless, your body heat will increase when lying on foam or latex mattresses, especially when they’re extra soft, letting your body sink in. However, new technology today can reduce this issue, so make sure to choose high-quality mattresses, such as the ones at Bear Mattress, as well as toppers and sheets to stay extra cool during summer.


No matter what mattress you decide to buy, it should be your most comfortable one. Try it out yourself to see if it really is the one that you’re looking for. Having a good night’s sleep is important for every human being, so be sure to take care of yourself as well as your spine.