Most Popular Types of Online Sales Promotions

Sale promotions promise to help you get verified discount codes for up to 90% off and free shipping quickly without any hassle. You can also buy items with your credit card or PayPal for ease of use, convenience, and low checkout costs.

In order to make sure people find their way from promotion websites into sellers’ stores (and then back again), these websites have made it a point to build an easy-to-use website with navigation features like search and social media sharing.

Benefits of sale promotions for online businesses

As a retailer, you know that it’s important to get the word out about sales, or your business will suffer. But you also have to be careful not to run an old promotion over and over again like a broken record.

Benefits of sale promotions for online businesses

How do you strike a balance? It all depends on your customer base. If there are customers in your area who don’t follow the news or social media, posting flyers and mailing out postcards is still worth doing. But if they’re plugged into all the latest happenings at your store, there are more ways than ever before to get the word out quickly without breaking your budget.

5 Popular types of sales promotions

Coupons, special offers, and discounts are a major part of any store's marketing strategy. These popular promotions for online stores serve a number of purposes. Customers who take advantage of these promotions successfully often receive free products or engaging experiences. Promotions also generate additional revenue for retailers since customers who don't have the same need for products still end up buying them because they are on sale.

This article breaks down five types of sales promotions that are most commonly seen in stores today: coupons, specials, group deals, limited-time offers (also called trial sales), and flash sales (a shorter-duration sale). A well-developed knowledge about these types of promotions can help retailers understand which type works best for their company and customers.

1. Coupons


Coupons are typically one of the most popular types of sales promotions. Coupons are typically advertised on paper, clipped from magazines or newspapers, and posted in store windows. A coupon generally offers a customer a discount on the total cost of their purchase. In certain cases, the coupon can be used in combination with another sale promotion to double up an initial discount.

For example, if you were to purchase items for $10 and used a 50% off coupon that was also valid at a 50% off promotional sale promotion, you would end up paying just $5 for that item. The purpose behind coupons is to encourage customers to buy more products than they would have without the sale.

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2. Specials

Top-selling categories for retailers tend to be minor items that are not easily substituted. For example, a customer may only need one large soda and many consumers have the same type of product already at home. In this case, a store would prefer to offer customers a special for just one item (like a single soda) rather than offering a discount on an entire set of items.

3. Group Deals

Group Deals

Sales promotions such as "Buy 2 for $5" also make great coupons because they give customers an opportunity to buy more products at the same initial cost. With most coupons, it is very common that customers end up purchasing more than they intended to since they already have enough supplies at home.

4. Limited-time Offers

Special offers are often advertised as a specific price for a specific product or set of products. The offer may last only for a certain amount of time or specifically for the first 5,000 customers to arrive at a store. It is common that once the product in question reaches its limit, it is removed from that store's inventory until there is enough to go around again. 

Limited-time Offers

There are also deals where you can get something like a percentage off your total bill if you purchase other items at the same time. One way to implement these types of sales promotions is for stores to have "buy any item get one free" offers and then make sure they have enough stock to satisfy customer demand.

5. Flash Sales

Flash Sales

The idea of a flash sale is the same as other types of discounts where the customers get to benefit from promotions that are available for a limited time only. Flash sales offer great discounts but these are available for a short time only. Online stores generate quick revenue with flash sales.