Places to visit in Turkey

We have created a list of the best places to visit in Turkey and also a Turkey tour packages. Sometimes all we need is a tour to our favorite place and we want to enjoy real beauty instead of beautiful photos on social media. We all have been in this situation and choosing a perfect destination is not that easy task. Mind says that you need to go for mountains and heart pounds for historical cities. Your problem is solved as we have a perfect solution for your heart and mind. Yes, we are talking about Turkey, a perfect combination of two cultures. 

Places to visit in Turkey

Here are some most beautiful attractions that you must visit in Turkey. One week is not enough to explore the beauty of Turkey but still, we have tried to make things easier for you. Follow this guide and your trip will be awesome. Let’s get started with the best places in Turkey.

Overview- Trip to Turkey

Turkey is famous for its perfect combination of European and Muslim cultures. Approximately you can get a flight to Turkey from any corner of the world. Public transport is available in all major cities and as tourism is the main business here, staying in Turkey is not a big deal. Hotels are available for tourists in all famous places and you can also get Turkey 5 start hotel deals. These best places in Turkey are visited by almost every tourist. People are very cooperative with visitors and they can easily understand and speak English.

1. Cappadocia


The rocking valley of Cappadocia is the dream of every photographer with a magical view. Cliff ridges and hills make a perfect hiking destination but if you are not into hiking, don’t worry we have other options too. Don’t miss visiting this place if you want to enjoy the best places in Turkey.

2. Pamukkale

I am confused as to why this place is not on the list of the 7 wonders of the world? The white travertine terraces of Pamukkale really create a scene from a fantasy movie. If you are a big fan of photography, visit this place at dusk and you will never leave this place. We always recommend it as one of the best places in Turkey.

3. Kabak Bay

Kabak Bay

Hitting the beach in Turkey must be your first goal. Choose a day trip, hire a taxi for transport and get ready to enjoy the jaw-dropping beauty of this beach. It is not like a typical sandy beach full of plastic bags but a natural piece of art that is the beauty of Turkey. No matter where you are flying to Turkey, don’t forget to check Turkish airline coupon codes. They are known to offer the best airline deals and packages.

4. The Egyptian Bazaar

The Egyptian Bazaar

Are you a big fan of spices and want to discover the Turkish culture too? The Egyptian Bazaar is heaven for tourists and gets ready to discover some of the unfamiliar spices and dry fruits here. 

5. Eminonu – for Bosphorus Cruise

The stunning Bosphorus strait connects the Black Sea with the Mediterranean. This destination has a lot to offer and it is one of the most visited places in Turkey. A full tour to Bosphorous can be arranged by using ferry services. The ferry generally leaves before dusk to give you the most beautiful sunset views in the world. If you have enough money, missing the luxury of the cruise is the biggest mistake here. You will surely enjoy the best places in Turkey.

6. Ottomania


The Turkish carpet industry is famous all over the world and here you can find any type of carpet. It is not just about buying but any visitors will find this place attractive. The prices of the carpet range from $1000 to $10000 and that is a pretty expensive deal.

Get Ready!

If you are ready to explore the unmatched beauty of Turkey, start packing now. Grab your backpack and get ready for Turkey. In case you need a super travel backpack, check the amazing features of the North Face Recon backpack.