Saving Money Hacks for College Students

Saving money in academic life is nearly impossible. Let’s be realistic about tips and tricks saving money as all of you are not from elite families. If you still want to enjoy college life partying and clubbing along with studies, you need to save big.

tips and tricks saving money

Tips and Tricks Saving Money for College Students

Tips and tricks saving money can be pretty helpful during your time at the college campus. With limited pocket money and budget, being a college student is not that much fun. But hey, don’t worry as we have some fantastic money-saving tips and tricks for you.

First of all, you need to follow some ground rules about spending your pocket money and then follow these tips and tricks saving money during college time:

1.   Rent Academic Books

Most of the college students prefer used textbooks as these books are available at lower prices. Do you know that you can save a handsome amount by renting college books? There are some sites like campusbooks and eCapmpus from where you can rent used books for the semester. By cutting the cost of the textbook, you already have saved a few hundred dollars.

Rent Academic Books

You can sell your books to Amazon or eBay, and you will be offered a commission whenever someone will rent out your textbook. When it comes to saving money, all tips and tricks saving money are beneficial.

2.   Use Loyalty Points and Reward Cards

Students can save big with discounted prices on loyalty cards. Most of the stores all over the world offer special discounts for every purchase to their loyal customers. Credit card companies also provide points on the use of their services and college students can use those points to avail discounts.

Use Loyalty Points and Reward Cards

3.   Use Coupons and Discounts

Every college student owns a smartphone these days, so you already have a discount offering machine in your hand. If you want to save money during college life, paying retail prices can be a nightmare. Some several apps and websites can suggest active coupons for famous brands and stores. Once you are done with the shopping list, find the best-discounted coupons and enjoy special prices.

Use Coupons and Discounts

When it comes to discounted prices, coupons seem like real fun. Using coupons must be on the list of tips and tricks saving money on almost every blog.

4.   Don’t Forget Discounted Gift Cards

If you are on a tight budget, it’s time to upscale your money saving techniques. Discounted gift cards can be purchased from several online stores, and you can use these gift cards for famous stores like eBay, Netflix, Apple, and Amazon.

Don’t Forget Discounted Gift Cards

5.   Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions

Most of the college students spend a significant portion of their budget on entertainment that can range from partying to paying for HBO and Netflix. If you are not Bill Gates, why would you ever want to pay for different services that you are not even using? Well, if you are too eager to have your personal Netflix account, you can share the screens with friends or roommates.

Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions

6.   Get Paid Internship

Do you want to get paid for practicing your educational skills? If you want to know about some practical tips and tricks saving money; how about the paid internship? Have you ever considered earning some extra cash too? The best thing about the paid internship is that you don’t have to quit studies or academic courses still you can part of the industry of the market.

Get Paid Internship

Final Verdict

The list of tips and tricks saving money can be very long, but the aim is to ensure that you know how to manage finance during campus life. You can easily save 35%-50% discounted price on coupon and discount sites.