Several effective ways to avoid Online Shopping Scams?

With the boom of online shopping, more and more fraud parties have also jumped into the sphere. Online shopping is convenient, time-saving, and affordable but vulnerable too.

Scamming the new shoppers or tricking the buyers into Ponzi schemes is easier than ever. Not every online store is doing shady business. The general perception about online shopping is usually based on myths and stories about online stores. Not everything you hear about online scams is based on reality. Most of the issues are caused by the personal mistakes of the shoppers.

Several effective ways to avoid Online Shopping Scams

Avoiding online scams has become critical for a safer and smoother online shopping experience. Instead of buying from any random ad shown on Facebook, an online shopping strategy must be followed. With the right information and access to legit stores, you can reduce the chances of being scammed. Here are some practical tips to avoid online shopping scams.

Choose Trusted Sites Only

On special occasions and events, many fake stores and sites will start popping up on your social media. Their offers will be exceptionally good and there are high chances of being the victim of these sites. Always choose the trusted stores and sites that you have already used. When it comes to discounts and deals for online stores, always go for the real ones. Here are some tips to find reliable and trusted sites for secure online shopping:

  • - Instead of clicking on the sponsored links, search directly for the store or site
  • - Search if the verified coupon codes are still applicable
  • - Read the reviews and comments of the previous buyers and clients
  • - Check Google reviews about the business
  • - Ask for reviews from your friends and social media fellows


Check for the Payment Security

Check for the Payment Security

The URL of any online store can tell you a lot about the security protocols of the website. URL must start with “HTTPS” and the padlock icon against the URL indicates that contents are fully protected. These signs mean that mutual communication between the device and the site is fully secure and encrypted. Not having these security protocols in place can put user’s data at stake. Always be careful while entering your credit card credentials. Always check your bank statement after making any online payment.

Be Careful of Phishing

Be Careful of Phishing

Phishers or hackers will try to trick you into providing important details and credentials through fake pages and emails. When you will click on the link, a new page or window will open that will look identical to the original site. The fake page can be the payment page, FB login page, or any other page. Never enter the credit card details by clicking on the link given in the emails.

Using different online store discount offers, hackers can urge you to click the given links. These links lead to spam pages and websites.

Don’t Shop on Public Internet

Dont Shop on Public Internet

The Internet provided on public spots is not safe for online shopping. Many other devices are connected to the same internet. In a public internet connection, your device is more vulnerable to a security breach than a private connection. Entering the important credentials while being connected to these connections can make it easy for the lurkers to access your data. Limit the use of public connections and always stick to a personal internet connection.

Use Secure Passwords

Using 12345678 as the password is the worst mistake. Majority of the internet users keep simple and easy phrases as passwords. Hackers can easily guess your password through advanced systems. Using a strong password can reduce the risk of being scammed while shopping online. Always consider changing the account password every few weeks.

Ask for Tagged Photos

Instead of trusting the photos displayed on the site, ask the store to offer you the real pictures. People usually post their personal photos after using the products. If the previous buyers have tagged the store or the products, you can check the previous photos from the real users. These reviews can give you a better idea in many ways.