Shoes too Tight? Ways to Stretch your Tight Shoes

Are your feet pinched by the toes? Do you experience pain when wearing your shoes?

You might be suffering from one of the many different types of foot problems that can affect anyone at any time. Buying shoes online requires you to pay special attention to the sizing details. People are so tempted by online shoes coupon codes and promos that they don’t even pay attention to the size chart. Poorly fitting shoes are often to blame for these problems. Whether you wear high heels or flats, to work or the gym, proper foot support is essential for good foot health.

Shoes too Tight

Other Causes of Foot Problems

According to WebMD, bunions (hallux valgus) are the most common type of foot problem. This condition is caused by many different things including genetic factors, environmental factors, and wearing shoes that don't fit properly. Other common conditions include corns and calluses, ingrown toenails, neuromas (also known as Morton's neuroma), post-traumatic arthritis, and athlete's foot.

Other Causes of Foot Problems

Ways to Stretch out Tight Shoes

Don't you hate it when you wait a long time to grab your favorite shoe brand discount sale and end up buying the wrong shoe size? Well, the too-tight shoes can be stretched by following a few simple yet effective methods. Applying these methods can save you from buying new shoes. 

1. Soaking Your Shoes in Hot Water

One of the best ways to stretch tight shoes is by soaking them in hot water. Start by placing the shoes in a large bucket of water for an hour or so before wearing them. The heat will make your feet expand, thereby making it easier for you to wear your shoes. If they are still tight after the hour is up, leave them in for longer periods of time.

Soaking Your Shoes in Hot Water

2. Using a Shoe Expander

Another effective method to stretch out tight shoes is using shoe expanders that are designed to stretch out shoe materials without damaging or changing their shape in any way. These expanders are easy to use. First, lean the shoe on its side with the part that is being expanded facing upward. The shoe expander should be placed on the opposite side of the shoe, next to the sole. The heel of the shoe will be placed on top of this expander so that it can grip it firmly. Most expanders are made up of synthetic materials which are durable and flexible so they will not damage your shoes in any way.

3. Using a Shoe Stretcher

For a comfortable feel, shoes must be of perfect size just like perfect jeans for your body type.

There is a special tool called a shoe stretcher designed to stretch out tight shoes and boots without damaging or deforming them in any way and without causing injuries to your feet during use. It is designed as a simple tool that can stretch out, bump up and roll the shoe as well as reshape it to its original form. It is made up of plastic material that can be easily cleaned with warm water which does not damage the shoe.

4. Using a Nylon Strap

The nylon strap is another tool designed to stretch out tight shoes by clamping them between two pieces of plastic with the material stretched out. All you have to do is slip on your shoes then loop one end of the nylon strap through each end of the strap then buckle up tightly. The other end should be placed on top of your toes, where they are most likely to relax, ensuring maximum stretch out effectively.

Using a Nylon Strap

5. Using an Ink Pen

The next time you cannot wear your tight shoes, try this tip. Find an empty ink pen. Remove the ink cartridge and fill it up with water. Insert it into the shoe, making sure that the tip is placed where your toes are most likely to relax while wearing them. If nothing seems to be working, contact your brand and they might offer discount vouchers for buying new shoes and you might get to try a new pair. 

The tip should be placed at the right part of the shoe tongue, just above where your toes are. Leave this for a couple of hours before removing it then check if there is any difference in fit after taking out the pen.