Ten Easy Ways to Save Money on Amazon in 2020 – Smart Shopping

Looking to grab a good deal at your next Amazon checkout? Here are some super-simple and super effective ways to save money on Amazon this year in 2020.

Have you ever woken up in the morning to find an Amazon package on your doorstep and not even remembered what it was that you bought? That stuff is too real. So many of us are addicted to Amazon, and yet we’re all paying full price at checkout. There’s something wrong with that.

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Here are ten practical and easy to implement methods of saving money when shopping with Amazon in 2020. From Amazon Discount Hunter to Wikibuy – here are the tools you need to start making savings.

How to save money on Amazon in 2020

When it comes to saving money on Amazon, there are some simple tricks that take no time to implement and really can save you bundles. Some of them are official from Amazon themselves – people just don’t know about them yet.

Get discount Prime membership

If you’re a low-income family receiving government assistance, then you’ll be able to get Amazon Prime for just $5.99 per month. On top of that, if you’re a student, then you’re eligible to get Prime free for six- months, and then half price for the next 3.5 years! If you have a student in your family, then you could always share the account…

Get an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card

If you’re a Prime member, then you can apply for this special visa card to get 5% off all your Amazon purchases. What’s more, they also throw in a $70 gift card, totally free. Now that’s nice.

Use coupons and discount codes

There are tons of discount codes and coupons out there for Amazon products with Amazon Discount Hunter and other tools. Check out our article on ‘How To Save Money When Buying Almost Anything Online’ for more information on ways to find coupons. Amazon also lists their own exclusive deals online.

Skimp on the shipping

If you’re willing to wait a little longer – and hit the $25 minimum order – then many products will actually offer free shipping. It usually takes around a week to arrive, so if you’re not desperate to get your goodies the next day, then this is an easy way to make savings.

Install a browser extension to save

Extensions like Honey, Wikibuy, and Indxu allow you to automatically have coupon codes and discounts added to your basket at checkout. You’ll be amazed at how much money you can save without even having to do anything on your end. Check out our ‘Top Browser Extensions To Save You Money When Shopping Online’ post to see some more options.

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Use Prime by the month

You can now get Amazon Prime for a single month for $10.99. At times of the year like birthdays or the holidays, when you’re likely to order a lot of stuff, simply get Prime for the month so you can use the free shipping on all your items, then cancel if afterwards.


Use ‘Subscribe and Save’

You can sign up to Subscribe and Save on your favorite retailers through Amazon and this can actually get you free shipping plus a juicy discount on your order. It’s a fool-proof way to make savings.

Watch for Today’s Deals

If you’re looking for everyday products, then you’ll often find them on the Today’s Deals page on Amazon. It offers discounts on thousands of useful items for around the house, plus all sorts of gadgets, fashion items, and more.

Trade stuff in

You can trade in old phones, laptops, movies, and other techy bits to Amazon to get free gift cards in return. If you’re not going to use that stuff again, then you might as well get something out of it!

Use MyHabit

If you’re on the lookout for designer clothes, toiletries, and more, then check out MyHabit by Amazon. Here you can find designer items with major discounts. Great style, without the price tag.

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