Tips for Saving Money at 6pm – Amazon’s Discount Fashion Site

You’ve probably heard of 6pm – the discount fashion website owned by Here are some pro tips to save even more money on designer brands at 6pm.

Everyone wants designer brands for less. At 6pm, you can find tons of designer shoes, clothing, and accessories for discount prices. The website is a subsidiary of, meaning that you can trust the authenticity of the goods listed on the site. In fact, you can find them all on Amazon if you want – if you’re Prime member then this could be beneficial.

All the clothes on 6pm are reasonably priced, so you’re already making big savings compared to if you went to the brand’s brick and mortar outlet. That being said, there are some ways to save even more money when using 6pm.

Here are some super-simple and super-effective ways to make even bigger savings when using 6pm – with sales of up to 90% off select items!

How to save money at 6pm

So, you’re shopping on 6pm and you’re already blown away by all the great deals? Now we’re going to teach you how to save even more!

6pm 1

Check the clearance section

The clearance section doesn’t always shop up if you do an ordinary search on the site, so make sure that you go to the clearance tab in the main menu to see items that are up to 90% off.

Join the mailing list

6pm has several sales per day. Two of these 6pm deals are featured in the email lists. There are actually more elsewhere, but it’s always worth checking your email to keep up to date with the latest offers and sales on select items.

Search the store

As mentioned above, there are generally more sales on than you’ll see in the email list. This means that you should search the entire site for the remaining sales. Not all of the 6pm deals are going to just present themselves to you, so doing a bit of digging will usually pay off.

6pm 2

Use 6pm discount codes

The site will often promote discount codes on social media. There are usually some codes available most days and these can get you up to an additional 20% off your order. Using a browser add on like Indxu or Wikibuy will help you to have these automatically applied at checkout.

Read our ‘Best Browser Extensions To Save You Money When Shopping Online’ post to see more of these extensions.

Shop on holidays

6pm often has better deals and promo codes available on weekends and public holidays. You can take advantage of these by continuing to follow the emails sent out by the site, as well as their social media channels. You can also use browser extensions to help you find these codes.

Shopping in November and December

The end of the year generally marks the best time to shop on 6pm. There are, on average, more codes available on the site at this time and they’re generally offering a higher discount.

6pm 3

Mark products to get notified

If you select a size on a product, but don’t buy it, then 6pm will notify you when that item is running low. If there isn’t a good deal on the product at the time you go to buy it, then consider marking it and waiting a while to see if a better deal comes along before it gets low on stock.

Get free shipping

If you spend more than $50, then you’ll be able to get free shipping on your entire order. It’s worth also searching for these products on to see if they’re the same price on there. If you’re a Prime member, then you’ll get free shipping on the item anyway, without having to spend more than $50.