Top 10 Best Zara Items to Buy In 2020

I built a career I love, over the last 20 years, by dressing to feel my best and what I know for sure is people promote confidence. It’s as simple as that, how you feel about yourself is always most important. I’m not asking you to dress event guard, I am just simply asking you to step out of your comfort zone. In these next 10 pieces from Zara, I’m gonna show you how these things work like a charm.

1.   Blazer


I truly believe a blazer can be life-changing for women. Here are a couple of tips. First, always go for the double-breasted blazer at Zara always. It’s fit. It’s just lux and fitting for everyone. If you already own that blazer I want you to go for the white or the tan one.

2.   Blouses


Zara leaves no blouse behind, whether it’s the cut, the print, the material or the collar. So, choose one that makes you feel happy and I mean that. I want you to express yourself in your Zara blouse, and I promise you, if you walk into a conference room with a blouse that you chose, that you love, that feels professional and yet powerful on you, you’ll be noticed positively.

3.   Leather Pieces

Leather Pieces

Zara does faux leather-like a boss, and if you want to be a boss, I want you to just find one piece of faux leather to wear to work from Zara. Their faux leather is beautiful. I find that it fits and feels very similar to real leather. So, go for faux leather you’ll be duping in the room.

4.   80s Denim

80s Denim

If you’re able to wear denim at work, I highly recommend only buying Zara’s 80s denim. It is a high rise, sucks you in and super stretchy. The inseam is amazing on any leg and it’s super easy to pair with booties, heels or flats.

5.   Flared Wide Leg Pants

Flared Wide Leg Pants

If you want the short cut to the best and most comfortable pair for work, the one where you’ll feel totally elevated and also look like you spent $400, get the flair wide-leg pants with the elastic back now. I believe in these so much because they’re always high-rise, comfortable and have no muffin top.

6.   Vest


Layering vests or wearing them in warm seasons is just a no-brainer for me. It’s a very easy tailored look that goes far no matter what workplace you’re in. The leather version is best for the bold girl. The knit vest version is very comfortable and can be worn like a cardigan.

7.   Heels


This one hits close to home because they’re very comfortable. Literally, figuratively they uplift us and give us the power to feel more ourselves in the outfits that we wear. This is definitely this season where they’re now coming out with a pointed toe mule heels, bow heels long heals and tons of gorgeous leather and padded heels.

8.   Pajama Pants

Pajama Pants

No longer wear ugly pajamas to work from home, have yourself a browse at the monochrome leisure pants and tops. Wearing a monochrome look does not make you one-dimensional wearing monochrome makes you stand out but if you don’t yet own a monochrome cozy leisure outfit from Zara, it is time.

9.   Knit Pencil Skirt

Knit Pencil Skirt

Some of us love skirts, others don’t because it’s really hard at the time to find the right sizing and fit. Go for the Knit Pencil Skirt. It’s chic, slimming, comfortable, easy and such an effortless piece that you can pair with a tank and blazer vest, booties or heels, and your glasses for the day.

10.    Pointed Toe Leather Boots

Pointed Toe Leather Boots

If you wear leather, Zara will never ever let you down with her leather boots. You can always wait for the semi-annual sale too for the better prices because all of their boots go on sale but for the real leather or faux leather, if you prefer, sure they’re pointed toe.

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