Top 3 Platforms to start eCommerce Business in 2021

With millions of people jumping into the eCommerce sector, IT giants launched different eCommerce platforms as per the increasing demand. There are hundreds of top eCommerce platforms with different capabilities. If you are a newbie in the eCommerce business, you need to seek help while choosing your business's right eCommerce site. Every platform has something unique that makes it more attractive and suitable for your business.

eCommerce Business

Some top eCommerce platforms offer better features and options, while some are exceptionally cheap. Whenever someone asks for help while choosing the right eCommerce platform, we always suggest doing your own research. We sorted a list of top-rated sites by experts for the beginners who need help with top eCommerce platforms.

Best eCommerce Platforms for Startups

Unlike many other skills, eCommerce is a complete business model where you can pursue long term goals. Time spent on the initial research can benefit your business in many ways. If some eCommerce platform worked well for your competitors, it does not mean you will get the same results. The key is to understand the pros and cons of each platform before jumping into it.

Best eCommerce Platforms for Startups

If you need help with the eCommerce business, we have several other resources too. Without further delay, let’s get to the main point and see how we can help you select the right eCommerce site for your business idea.

1. BigCommerce

Many review sites and users have rated BigCommerce as the best eCommerce platform with the highest overall positive rating. This platform is best for the bigger initiative with huge inventory. The engine of BigCommerce is powerful enough to empower a whole business. Entrepreneurs can use BigCommerce coupons and promo codes to get signing bonuses.


The features are aimed to support any kind of online business regardless of the niche or industry. Any business where you need to handle online orders and other aspects, go for BigCommerce.


  • - The platform is flexible and offers scalability for businesses of all sizes
  • - BigCommerce supports Multi-channel selling options
  • - Themes and designs are pretty attractive and responsive
  • - Abandoned cart features allow you to carry out business operations more efficiently


  • - Speed keeps varying for different users, so you might have to compromise on speed
  • - BigCommerce is an expensive option as compared to other eCommerce platforms
  • - Cart abandonment feature is not available in starter packages
  • - Some features need improvement

2. Shopify

It is like one of the most famous eCommerce stores with millions of users and stores. When it comes to the most-used eCommerce site, Shopify is ranked at the top position. If you want to build your business on marketing, FB ads, and dropshipping, then Shopify is the best eCommerce business platform. If you plan to launch a bigger store at an international level, Shopify may not meet your needs. For the creation of the first site, you can claim 74% Shopify discount code. These offers can make your journey a lot easier.

If we compare Shopify in terms of options and features, some features like one-click upsell and other accessibility options make it the top choice. When it comes to performance for the larger stores, the power of Shopify seems insufficient.


Shopify's interface is pretty simple, and you can build a complete eCommerce from scratch with drag and drop features. You can get started within a few minutes, even if you have never used Shopify before.


  • - Load time is faster than the competitors
  • - You don’t need any external help to get started with this best eCommerce platform
  • - There are several service providers with Shopify specialization who can help you out in several aspects
  • - Social selling and multiple channel selling is available
  • - Themes are SEO-optimized and great in designs


  • - SEO can be better as many users have reported a downfall in their store’s ranking
  • - The checkout process needs more customizations
  • - The addition of add-ons can be expensive
  • - If you want to add advanced features, you might have to hire a developer

3. Wix

In a few years, Wix has made a reputation as one of the best eCommerce platforms. Only a few people knew this platform back in 2017, but they jumped to the 3rd position within three years. Whether you have an entrepreneurship idea or want to run a small eCommerce business, Wix has a lot to offer. Enjoy 50% off Wix Coupon for best deals to start a new store.


They have included the top features for eCommerce businesses, and many other improvements are also expected in recent years. The UI is quite simple and straightforward that makes it user-friendly. The ease of use and attractive themes are attracting millions of new users.


  • - Many premium themes are available for free
  • - Getting started with Wix is straightforward
  • - Customer support is great


  • - SEO strategies need improvements and have issues
  • - Advanced automation is not up to the mark
  • - Site security is vulnerable