Top 5 Best Cashback Sites You Shouldn’t Shop Without in 2020

Did you know that you could be saving money by using cashback websites? Here are the five best sites to get you cashback when you shop online in 2020.

Cashback websites are something that not many shoppers even know about – the sheer fact that you’re here reading this means that you know more than most. These websites are totally free to use and can actually wind up earning you a decent amount of money.

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How do cashback sites work?

The idea is simple – and genius. Websites that offer ‘affiliate links’ will earn money in commission if you follow the link through to the retailer’s website.

Cashback websites take this commission and then give it directly back to you in the form of cashback on your purchase. They make their money on ads littered around their websites, as well as bonuses from retailers who receive a large amount of traffic from them.

All you have to do is search these websites for products, and then follow the link through to Amazon, Walmart, Zara, or wherever else you’re shopping. The cashback will then be added into your wallet and you’ll be able to withdraw it into your bank account. Simples!

Top 5 best cashback sites

There are lots of websites jumping onto this bandwagon. The idea is a win-win for everyone and it gives these sites a huge amount of web traffic, meaning that they can actually make some decent money out of their activities without even needing to take any of the commission that they’re giving you as cashback.

Here are our favorites. These sites are listed in no order of preference, so feel free to try them all and zero in on your favorite one. If you want more information on ‘Ten Easy Ways To Save Money On Amazon In 2020’ then check out our recent post on this.

cashback site 2 is free to use and works with more than 4,400 retailers. They’re one of the biggest and most reputable cashback stores. Once you’ve got money in your wallet, you can withdraw as little as $2 into your bank account.

On top of offering cashback with purchases on a magnitude of online stores, also helps you to find discount coupons so that you can save even more money when shopping. They’re particularly good for allowing you to save when shopping at Amazon, EBay, Walmart, and more. offer a similar service to, as well as helping you to find discount coupons and complete paid online surveys to save more money. The main unique point about is that you tend to earn vouchers and discount coupons instead of cash for rewards.

You earn points with purchases, and every point you earn gets you 1% off a purchase. You can rack up your points to get better rewards – and you can win awesome rewards every day, too.

Possibly the oldest of all the cashback websites, works in much the same way as the other two sites mentions, but they also have an incredible referral program. If you sign up a friend on MyPoints, then you’ll receive 10% of their total cashback – forever. This means that you could actually start earning tons of points the more people your recommend.


As well as offering a cashback service, Wikibuy also features a super-cool browser extension similar to Honey that applies discount coupons and promo codes at checkout to save you money. Wikibuy is one of the more popular options, which is renowned for working like a charm in conjunction with Amazon.

cashback site 3 is a cashback site that has a specific goal in mind. The website was founded to help users save money towards their college education. Their retail partner program allows you to make cashback savings and look for coupons and discount codes.