Top 5 Saving Money Online Apps

Saving up as much as you can is the desire of everyone. It is considered wasteful to spend more on a particular product when you can it at a lesser price. With the resent cramp in the economy, it will be unwise to spend more money than you save. However, the problem most times is - you do not know what to do to save some money especially when you are making the purchase of some necessities. 


With this in mind, we have put together a list of top five online apps which could save money for you. These apps are easy to use and could help you identify discounted products in your purchase and suggest savings options.

We understand that making a list of online apps for saving money will result to an endless list and so, we have carefully picked, in no particular order, the best 5 online apps for saving money and they are as follows:

1. Amazon Discount Hunter:

Amazon Discount Hunter

If you are looking to save more and still get the best quality as you desire, then this is the app for you. Amazon discount hunter helps you to tailor down your search based on your budget and actually get it delivered to you free - in most cases. Amazon discount hunter will help you identify products with discounts,  give you accurate time of delivery and you will not have to worry because all the products on the app are valid.

Here is how Amazon discount hunter works: you have to select your resident country or the country you wish to buy from, then you key in the product name or the category the product might fall into (fashion, furniture or arts and so on), then you state your minimum and maximum budget for the product, and then you indicate how you want to sort the product in the ‘sort by’ option, state if you are going for free shipping or prime then you “Search Discount” and you will be amazed at the number of products you will be presented with.

Luckily, Amazon discount hunter is already in use in over 12 countries now which includes: the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, India, Japan, and China. You could easily access is app on

2. Digit:


It is a known fact that saving out some money from your tight budget is always a difficult task but you have to do it anyway, especially against the rainy day. Digit is a smart way of putting away some amount of money for your savings goal.

Here is how it works: after you must have downloaded and link the app to your account, you will have to set up your saving goal and digit will used it algorithm to determine what amount will be pulled away for your savings without really affecting your daily budget. You will actually get a daily notification of your balance and you can hit into your digit account any time. However, your savings for a day takes about 24 hours to show up in your digit account. The app is free for the first 30 days and a monthly $5 after that. Meanwhile, you get a signup bonus of $5 and 1% interest on your savings.

3. Kidfund:


This app is built with the best interest of kids. Kidfund app allows you to save up money for the support of your kids and you could also invite others to gift them money by sharing their kid fund account. You will be amazed to find some help from this app then the kid needs comes up.

4. Qapital:


This is a fun way of saving money. All you need to do is get your savings goal and allow Qapital to make the deduction as you spend on your budget. For instance, if you are saving for a car, you can set the app to deduct some money from your account each time you fill a car tank at the petrol station.

5. Joy:


Many has said that the app really gives them “Joy”. Maybe they have been able to hit their savings goal using the app. Joy app helps you analyze your income and spending, then will suggest a good amount to be put away for your savings goal. However, joy app will not automatically pull this money away, you have to accept its suggestion before it can proceed. Also, you have the option to reduce or increase the suggested amount.

Additionally, for students who are interesting in saving up some extra money, “10 Money Saving Tips for Students – Student Deals & Tips 2020” could help you achieve your goal in the shorts period of time