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If you’re looking for some great supplements to boost your health and wellbeing, then here are 5 that you should certainly be taking on a regular basis. 


When it comes to nutrition, you can’t always get everything you need from what you eat. Sometimes, you need a little help from supplements. There’s no shame in it, as long as you’re not completely relying on the supplements, that is.

If you’re looking to make sure that your body has everything it needs to function optimally, then here are five essential supplements that will change your life for the better. You can find the following suggestions at a bargain price with these discount coupons for supplements

Five supplements that will change your life

You should always make sure that you’re aiming for natural supplements rather than synthetic ones. These are generally better for you. The following supplements should never be used to replace what you would get from eating a healthy balanced diet - that’s why they’re called supplements and not replacements.

Fish oil 

Fish oil tablets can be swallowed and digested to give your brain what it needs to function better. It’s extremely rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which can help you to age more gracefully, improve cognitive function and joint health, and combat inflammation. Fish oil is cheap and available - just don’t chew the capsule or you’ll be in for a nasty-tasting surprise… 


The benefits of magnesium are widely known. It’s one of the most important minerals in our body and as many as 70% of Americans are lacking in it. Magnesium is found in many nuts and other foods that we tend to eat less in the modern diet. Magnesium also leaves the body through sweat when you exercise, so athletes should certainly be taking this supplement.

A lack of magnesium can contribute to insomnia, depression, and increased anxiety, as well as a wide range of other issues.

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Creatine is still controversial, although it has been extensively tested in the 21st century and has been found to be harmless in responsible doses. It helps to build muscle mass and gives you more energy during workouts, making it one of the most commonly used supplements among athletes. But that’s not all this stuff is good for - it also improves cognitive function, especially in vegetarians and vegans, seeing as it’s mostly naturally found in meat. 

Vitamin C 

Maybe this should have been first on the list, but if you’re reading about supplements then we’re left to assume that you’re already taking vitamin C, at least. If not, then make this the first one you get. Vitamin C is the big guy when it comes to bumping up your immune system. While there are many other vitamins and minerals that are crucial to having a healthy immune system, vitamin C is one that is always worth getting some more of. 1000mg a day should do the trick.


Sorry, I know you were expecting a whole list of hard-to-pronounce supplements to keep you functioning optimally and hack your biology. Simply put, you don’t drink enough water. You need three liters per day to really see the benefits. Less water means worse skin, worse sleep, worse digestion, and just a general downfall in performance and cognitive function. You’re 80% water. Keep it that way!

Bonus supplement: Still craving for more? Glucosamine and Chondroitin are a great combination for promoting healthy joints. You might think you’re too young to worry about that, but start taking care of yourself now and you’ll reap the rewards later on. Also, if you lift weights, then joint health can degrade quicker than you think.