Top Hollywood Productions about Lawyers and Courtroom

Lawyers have been the important pillar of any state due to their contribution to the legal status of the country. Hollywood has also appreciated different sectors of life with amazing productions and movies. If you don’t have a subscription for any famous streaming channel, gran Netflix subscription vouchers now for amazing content. There are several movies about teachers, athletes, doctors and unlimited movies about army personnel. When we are talking about the noble professions of life, how can we skip the lawyers?

Top Hollywood Productions about Lawyers and Courtroom

Well, for the lawyers, Hollywood has given us masterpieces. Many movies and drama series have astonished audiences with the magical characters and roles of the lawyer. Here are some amazing characters from the movies about lawyers and how these lawyers amazed the audience.

1. Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee

Movie: A Few Good Men

A Few Good Men

Tom Cruise is the leading role in this movie and he has done an amazing job playing this role. Many dialogues from this movie became famous and this movie is about the military court where Tom Cruise has to defend himself. This movie is an amazing story about the proceedings of the military courts and how Tom Cruise has to face the challenges and legal matters during the case. From production to the storyline, everything is perfect in this movie and it is one of the memorable performances by Tom Cruise. If you are inspired by these acts, try legal certification discounts to start your career in law. 

2. Erin Brockovich

Movie: Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich

Julia Roberts received many Hollywood awards after her performance in this movie. She did a marvelous job while playing the role of the lady prosecutor. She opens a case against an electric energy giant that shows how they have been throwing toxic materials in the water to pollute the river. She is shown helping the poor in the movies and she stands for those who cannot afford to pay the fees of expensive lawyers.

3. Atticus Finch

Movie: To Kill a Mockingbird

Atticus Finch

How can we skip this amazing movie while discussing the roles of lawyers in Hollywood movies? This movie is about a lawyer who is determined to protect the crippled old black man against cruel justice. All of these movies can be watched at online streaming sites. You can use online streaming coupons to start streaming amazing movies and other favorite shows. This black man was accused of rape by a white lady and the lawyer aims to prove this accusation false in front of justice.

4. Harvey Specter

Season: Suits

Harvey Specter

It is one of the best drama series about lawyers and their internal matters. This drama series has 8 seasons and features the current Princess of Britain too. The story of this season revolves against a firm where different lawyers are not only facing external pressure and cases but internal politics too. Mike is a con man that has the legal knowledge and he starts practicing law as a professional lawyer and the story has some unbelievable twists.

5. Frank Galvin

Movie: The Verdict

Frank Galvin

This is an old movie from 1982. The verdict is still one of the best movies ever made about lawyers and court matters. The hero of this movie was nominated for an Oscar and if you have not watched this movie yet, go and grab your popcorn to spend some hours watching the unique story of the lawyer.

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