Top Online Shopping Events for Discounted Prices 2021

Have you ever thought of crafting shopping plans to touch the maximum shopping events? This idea may seem weird but smart shoppers realize the benefit of this approach. There are several online events where eCommerce businesses offer special discounts. Cyber Monday is not a new concept for online users. If you are planning on buying new electronics, consider waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Black Friday discounted deals will offer a huge variety of electronics at significantly lower prices.

Knowing the exact dates of the brand sales will help you to prepare your shopping list accordingly. In this article, all-important online events are covered. Every date and event somehow offers special discounts for different categories. The data given in this article is based on the previous records and the exact dates are subject to the decision of the online stores and businesses. Let’s save some money for you.

1. Black Friday

26 November 2021

In the online world, Black Friday is the biggest shopping event. This online event is celebrated throughout the world. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving so the date keeps varying. Every year, American citizens spend an average of $967 on different items. People wait for this big sale the whole year and items run out in no time so get ready to buy things ASAP.

Black Friday

Black Friday sale is not limited to online stores only but physical shops and brands also offer special discounted deals for the customers. Businesses experience the highest sales and revenue generation on this day. Grab the relevant Black Friday coupon deals for an amazing shopping experience.

2. Cyber Monday

29 November 2021

Many people missed the deals offered on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Businesses noticed increased searches right after these two events. Marketers decided to cash this opportunity and introduced Cyber Monday. This event generally lasts for four days and users spend billions of dollars on these special online business events.

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the perfect opportunity for smaller businesses to grab new customers. Don’t forget to check the local sites for best Cyber Monday deals. This online event is the best opportunity if you are into gadgets and electronics.

3. Boxing Day

26 December 2021

No online shopping enthusiast can afford to ignore the Boxing Day sales. Christmas is the best time of the year and Boxing Day makes it even better. Whether you want to buy personal items or want to give things to your loved ones, check Boxing Day deals to enjoy impressive discounts. Unlike other events like Cyber Monday, Boxing Day does not cover any specific niche or category. Both retailers and shoppers benefit from these online business events. It's the time of the year when you will grab favorite items at discounted prices.

Boxing Day

4. Amazon Prime Day

July 2021

The exact date of Amazon Prime Day is not confirmed yet and it depends upon the condition of the businesses due to the pandemic. At this event, all Amazon services and subscriptions are available at discounted prices. If you need to buy necessary things online, check top things to buy online in March. This event covers limited countries but the discounts are huge. Gaming consoles and other gadgets generate most of the sales on Amazon Prime Day. Other categories also experience the same hike in sales.

Amazon Prime Day

5. Free Shipping Day

14 December 2021

There are lots of items that we want to purchase from international stores but shipping costs scare us. For national and international deliveries, online stores charge handsome amounts. Online shopping can be made more affordable if the shipping costs are reduced. Millions of online stores offer free shipping on this day. You can use different free shipping coupons to cut the delivery costs. Apart from this special event, free shipping coupon codes can be availed on normal events too.

Free Shipping Day


These are only a few special events that are recognized by global eCommerce businesses. There are several other events like Father’s Day, Friendship Day, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day deals. There are several other local days when national stores offer a special discount. Mark these dates on your shopping calendar to enjoy the best deals throughout the year.