Travel Hacks to Reduce Car Rental Costs When Abroad 

Car rental abroad can be a costly endeavor. The trick is to make sure that you arrange something beforehand so as not to find yourself in a desperate spot. 

Renting a car when you’re abroad can become a nightmare if you haven’t prepared in advance. Once you’ve landed with all your stuff, the last thing you want to have to do is argue over the price with a local who knows that you just want to get out of the airport. 

That can put you in the weak spot in a negotiation, which isn’t ideal. Of course, you could always get a taxi to your accommodation and then find a rental the next day, which would give you a lot more room for negotiating. 


great car rental deal


Better still, you could do your homework before going abroad and find a great car rental deal in advance, have everything ready when you arrive, and not have to worry about a thing. There are some pro tips to ensuring that this all goes smoothly. 

Travel hacks to reduce car rental costs

It’s always important to have things organized before going abroad. You can save yourself time and money by doing this. 

Book the car in advance

You’ll be able to get a sure deal if you book in advance. This isn’t the best option. The best option would be to know someone in-country who can hook you up with a good deal, but most of the time that isn’t an option. Booking in advance still allows you to avoid any hick-ups when you arrive in-country. It means you know everything is already sorted and you’ve already paid. 

It’s best to go with a reliable company - don’t just choose the cheapest. You want to make sure that they actually do have the exact car when you arrive and that it’s in perfect working condition and legal to be on the road, so having a reputable company is essential. 


Book the car in advance

Look for car rental discounts 

The other big upside to sorting things out in advance is that you can take advantage of car rental discounts that are usually only offered online. Look for great car rental discounts online before booking to potentially save a ton of cash with the most reliable companies. From Groupon to, there are tons of options to compare car rental discounts and find the best deal for you. 


Your best bet is to book early for a cheap price, but have the option to cancel 24-hours before picking up the car. This way, you can check again for a better deal at the last minute and still cancel if you want. 

Check the car thoroughly 

Make sure that you check the car thoroughly when you pick it up. Ensure that every bump and scratch is written down on the contract so that you don’t later have to pay for them. 


Check the car thoroughly 

Bear in mind the petrol policy

Most firms want you to take the car with an empty tank and fill it up when you get it, then return it empty. This sounds like a good deal, but in actual fact, the full tank costs a lot and you might not even need to use all that petrol. Be careful with this one - you could end up wasting money. 

Research insurance 

As well as having a good deal on your rental car, make sure that you also find a good deal on car insurance when you have it. Some firms will offer it to you, but in all likelihood, they’ll charge you a lot for it.