Tricks to Activate Roku Account without Credit Card

Are you looking forward to starting using streaming services but don’t want to commit for any duration? Almost every streaming service like Netflix and Roku asks the user to enter the credit card details. Sometimes you don’t feel like sharing financial details with the online sites for many reasons.

Tricks to Activate Roku Account without Credit Card

Roku is a paid streaming service. For using the Roku service, you will have to provide personal and credit card details. The best way to bypass credit card submission is to use the free trial. Just like other online services, Roku also offers a free trial for a limited time. You can apply for a Roku free trial without credit card details.

If you like the services, the paid subscription can be continued. Is there any way to activate a Roku account without a credit card? Here are some tricks to start using Roku for free bypassing the credit card details.

Creating Roku Account

Creating Roku Account

Setting up the Roku account requires the user to enter the basic information and details. Here are some basic steps to create a Roku account to start using streaming services:

  • - Install the device and start entering the details to get started with Roku
  • - Connect the Roku device with the internet and choose the language
  • - Visit the webpage from where the Roku account can be activated
  • - Note down the pin provided on the screen
  • - Here you will be asked to enter the credit card details
  • - Create the login pin before confirming the purchase


How to Activate Roku without a Credit Card?

If the credit card is attached during the trial period, your kid might accidentally make the purchase for the further packages. Instead of providing the credit card details, start using Roku without credit card details. Users who want to keep using the service must use Roku account subscription discounts. Most of the time; users enter a PayPal account to pay for the service. Here are some ways to start the free Roku trial period without any type of credit card details.

How to Activate Roku without a Credit Card

Here is how to start the Roku account without a credit card:

  • 1. After creating the Roku account, choose PayPal for billing information
  • 2. Enter the PayPal email or make the new one if you don’t already have
  • 3. Roku will redirect the user to the PayPal page. Instead of confirming the details, just close the page
  • 4. Instead of confirming the PayPal details, simply close the page
  • 5. Go to Roku main page and in your account, you will notice that you have already bypassed the credit card step
  • 6. Now, click on the “add new device” and follow the details to start using the service for free


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Get Best Offers for Roku Subscription

After the free trial, you can start using the Roku service as a paid service. There are many Roku coupon codes that can be used to get awesome discounts. After the whole process, Roku can be used just like normal service. Sometimes, users might face different issues with the service due to bypassing the credit card step.

Get Best Offers for Roku Subscription

Some channels are only available for the paid services. Bypassing the credit card section will limit the use of these specific channels. When you will have to face such situations, you are more likely to buy the paid version. The whole process of bypassing the credit card is only meant to give you an idea about the service.


Providing credit card details for a Roku account makes the job easier for you. Even if the details are provided, no charges will be deducted for the first 30 days. The subscription can be canceled anytime. Continuing the service will cost you a monthly or annual fee as per the schedule.