What Discounts Do You Get in the Military?

Almost every store across the country is offering some type of special military discounts to pay tribute to the soldiers who risk their lives every day. From Veterans Day to Memorial Day, we can all do our part in showing patriotic support for the men and women who serve.

However, be careful because military discounts can sometimes come with a hidden agenda. This article will provide you with details on the best stores and ways to get your military discount so you don't have to worry about being scammed out of your cash.

What Discounts Do You Get in the Military

What are Military Discounts?

Military discounts are a way for businesses to show their appreciation for those who served or are currently serving in the Armed Forces. Some stores will even offer free meals to soldiers on days such as Veterans Day.

Military discounts were first given out back in 1942 when President Roosevelt issued an order to give military personnel some type of discount from businesses currently providing goods and services to the Armed Forces. Since then, more and more places have started giving out military discounts.

What are Military Discounts

Enjoy Discounts if you serve

Unfortunately, not all stores will give you a discount just because you are currently in the military. Stores usually require that you have served for at least one year. Everyone who has served will have their own unique story, but many people join because they have the opportunity to earn extra money for school expenses or to take care of their family without leaving the comforts of home.

The best way to find out what military discount your local store offers is by asking if there are any specials around the holidays or around summer which would fall under Memorial Day or Veterans Day.

On Memorial Day deals, many businesses will offer up to half off during the day and other discounts like free drinks and appetizers.

Does Target offer Military Discounts?

Yes, Target offers military discounts to all branches of the military. You'll receive 10% off any purchases made at Target.com, in-store, during Memorial Day, Memorial Day weekend, and Veterans Day. 

Does Target offer Military Discounts

Target goes even further in its efforts to give back to the American Military by offering 25% off pre-selected merchandise when you show your military ID.

The in-store discounts will vary depending on what is in stock for that particular store that day, but you should always check your local Target website for details.

How do I get a Military Discount?

There are two ways to get a discount when shopping at any store; you can either order online or find the nearest store and make an in-person purchase. If you are ordering online, just click on the link provided by the store to get your discount.

What Stores Offer Military Discounts?

There are numerous stores that provide military discounts, but not all of them give you free meals or other freebies like some restaurants might. Most popular military discounts include:

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Walmart – Buy 1-2 items and get one free

If you're a member of the armed forces, Walmart will provide you with a 10% discount on all online orders and all merchandise bought in person or through the catalog. The discount is valid for active-duty military personnel and family members who are serving in any branch of the Armed Forces.

Sports Authority – Get 25% off your first purchase

One of the most popular sports stores is offering active-duty personnel a 25% discount on their purchases. If you're already an active duty member, this is great because you can get these items at a lower price.

Sports Authority

Sports Authority also offers a Military Appreciation discount coming up on December 22. If you've served for at least six years and buy $250 worth of merchandise, you will get a free pair of shoes, and coming back on 12/22 and 12/28 to shop will get another free item for your purchase.

Gander Mountain – 10% off

Serving any branch of the military will get you Gander Mountain 10% off all its products. This promotion works for both online as well as in-store purchases. Although it is only good for one day, this is an excellent military discount because it's fairly easy to find a Gander Mountain store anywhere in the country.

How do I get an in-store Military Discount?

Finding your nearest store is very easy thanks to the Internet. Simply visit any of the stores' websites and look for a link that says "Military Discount" or something similar. Most popular stores will have a direct link for military members, so you should easily be able to find it with no problem.