What Happens If You Dye Hair Too often?

Hair dyes and hair bleaches contain chemicals and can be damaging to your hair and skin. You can benefit from hair product coupon codes but you need to beware of cheap dyes and chemicals. 

What Happens If You Dye Hair Too often

They also cause damage to your hair follicles, leaving them inflamed, which contributes to white/grey hairs as well as split ends. Even if you color your hair with a natural shampoo, you still risk damaging the health of your scalp by using it too often or for too long of a time. In addition, many of these chemicals are not safe for pregnant women or young children.

8 Problems Caused by Regular Hair Dying

If you dye your hair too often, it can lead to permanent changes in the color, texture, and brightness of your hair. Here is a list of some things that happen if you dye your hair too often:

8 Problems Caused by Regular Hair Dying

1. You may notice that the color doesn't come out so nicely when you mist hairspray on top of the dyed portion of your head. It starts turning red and crispy instead.

2. Your scalp feels itchy and irritated and in some cases blisters and oozes — both from the chemicals used in dying as well as from dry skin's reaction to damaged skin cells underneath or around them (from frequent washing).

3. Your hair may start to lose its shine because chemical hair dyes are damaging to your hair's cuticles.

4. The color will come out unevenly, patchy and splotchy because more than half of the time is spent trying to even out the coloring instead of actually treating the gray.

5. A lot of breakage or roughness can be traced back to all of the chemicals that dry and irritate your scalp and split ends from all the rough treatment you give it with brushes and thick conditioners meant for normal hair.

6. The color starts to fade and your hair becomes more and more brittle and dry, which leads to you using dry shampoo which adds more damage.

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7. More breakage happens because of all the harsh treatments of coloring and "fixing" — trying to make the color look evenly distributed and natural-looking (which no one can do).

8. You get sick of it after a while, get tired of what you look like/what people say about it, get bored with the whole process, and stop dyeing your hair.

How to Maintain Natural Shine of Hair?

Just like our skin, hair is naturally shiny. Whenever you wash your hair, the natural oils it produces are washed off. This can make hair look dull and old, rather than looking great. The result is that people go out to buy new discount shampoo or conditioner every day despite knowing that it will not solve their problem.

How to Maintain Natural Shine of Hair

Solve Hair Problems with House Spray

This is where you can make use of the household spray. Have you ever seen some amazing shine on some celeb's hair? You can make their secret yours by using this spray. All it requires is some household ingredients that are easy to get.

How to Make Your Own Shiny Spray?

1. Mix one part lemon juice, one part water, and ten parts vodka in a spray bottle

2. Shake the mixture well before every use 

3. Spray this on your hair after washing every day 

4. To get rid of tangles, apply the mixture to dry hair                

5. Brush gently with a soft bristle brush to remove tangles 

6. Let the mixture sit on your hair for as long as possible

7. Wash off using a mild shampoo

How Often Should You Use this Spray?

How Often Should You Use this Spray

This is the most frequently asked question by those who have used this spray. The other option is to buy premium hair care products online for your needs. You need not use it every day. Once or twice a week will do if you want to maintain the shine and silkiness of hair and at the same time, you don't want to damage it by overusing this spray.