What is Boba Tea (bubble tea)?

First of all, there are no such bubbles in the Bubble Tea secondly; it is not like any other tea. Boba or Bubble Tea can be found nationwide on all menus and food courts at famous restaurants. A few years back, Bubble Tea was the treat of Chinatown. Things have changed in 2021 as they are practically available in almost all restaurants. Now there are several other types of tea available. Here are famous varieties of tea and how they are made

What is Boba Tea

What is Bubble Tea?

Boba Tea is a unique and incredible beverage that is made by blending milk with a tea base. At the top of this drink, signature bubbles are added. The peaks generally sit at the bottom of the glass, and these ingredients make it unique in taste.

There are two ways to serve this drink. Either you can serve ice cold or ripping hot. This delicious drink is generally served in transparent glasses and with a fat straw. While drinking Bubble Tea, the pearls come shooting through the straw. Enjoy Boba tea direct coupons for the best deals nationwide. You can chew these tasty pearls while you sip the liquid from the glass.

What is Bubble Tea

The name of Boba Tea comes from the tapioca balls and the bubbles that appear on the surface due to continuous shaking.

Origin and Tradition of Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea is famous all over the region these days but has been the favorite drink in China and Taiwan since the 1980s. There are no solid proofs of the invention of Bubble Tea, but it is commonly believed that it was invented in Asia. If you ever visit Hong Kong or Taiwan, you will see the Boba Tea stalls at every corner of the street. These stalls became the top pick of people to hang out with on weekends.

Origin and Tradition of Bubble Tea

This competition in the market led to the invention of new drinks and beverages. Chun Shui Tang in Taichung started serving the ice in Asia, and this idea was borrowed from Japanese iced coffee. Ms. Lin Hsiu Hui was the manager at the restaurant, and she added tapioca pudding in her Assam cold tea, and the taste was terrific. She decided to add this recipe to the menu, and we know that drink as Bubble Tea these days. Now, several local restaurants are also offering 10% off on bubble tea.

What's it like to drink Bubble Tea?

Tapioca pearls sit at the bottom of the drink, and it feels like something between chewing gum and jelly. There are different flavors for pearls, but most of the time, you will see black pearls.

Whats it like to drink Bubble Tea

What is the Taste of Bubble Tea?

Boba Tea is a unique, delicious, and cool refreshing beverage. There are many flavors of Boba Tea depending upon the nature of the teas and fruits. Enjoy amazing bubble tea deals in your local area and enjoy the unique taste of this drink. 

What Does Boba Tea Look Like?

The Tea is generally served in transparent glass to show off the stylish looks of the drink and black pearls. There are different ways to make Boba Tea by using different fruits, infusions, and teas.  The traditional Boba Tea features crushed ice, milk, fruits, and teas.

What Does Boba Tea Look Like

This drink has been a best-selling beverage in many countries of Asia, but it appeared in the US a few years back. The Asian population in these countries introduced this drink, and we can see this drink at various famous eateries.