What To Do When Shopping For a Summer Bikini

Summer is right around the corner, and while you might not go outside, it still helps to have a good bikini so you can embrace the sunshine. Here are our pro tips.

Summer is just over the horizon, and while the coronavirus situation has people stuck at home, for the time being, it’s likely that you’ll be able to go out and enjoy some sun by the time the weather really picks up.  


Bikini Tips


When that time finally rolls around, you’ll probably want to hit the beach - which means you’ll need the perfect summer bikini to wear. Thankfully, we’ve got the latest on some great summer bikini deals that will have you looking your best for less. 

Read on for some top bikini tips, plus all the information you need on summer bikini coupons to find great deals on bikinis and swimwear before the summer gets into full swing. 

What makes the perfect bikini?

When it comes to choosing the right summer bikini, there are a few things that you want to take into account. Not all bikinis were created equal. Some will look better on some people than they will on others. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your next summer bikini(s). 

Fit your body shape 

Your body shape will need to be taken into account when choosing your next summer bikini. If you’re looking to make your bottom half look slimmer, then darker colors there is a good idea. The same goes for your top half. You might also want to think about investing in a summer bikini with wiring to push things up a bit. 


Fit your body shape

Consider every angle 

Shopping for bikinis online means that this could be difficult, so it might be better to shop in-store so that you can try it on. Better still, bring a friend to have a look at how it fits from angles that you can’t see. 

Wider straps for support 

For a bigger bust, opt for wider straps as they’ll offer more support. It’s also a good idea to avoid one-shoulder bikinis as they’re not going to offer enough support. 

Ruffle it up 

If you want to flatter a certain area, such as your hips, then opt for a bikini with some ruffle in that area. Summer bikinis don’t exactly give you a lot of room to cover up, but you can still use shirred or ruched fabrics to make your physique look slimmer. 

Shop for the occasion 

Remember to consider what you’ll actually be doing in the bikini. If you’re a big fan of jumping off rocks into the water or playing beach volleyball, then you might want to opt for something with a little extra support. On top of that, make sure to always get something that you’re actually comfortable in. 


Shop for the occasion 

Mix it up 

You don’t always have to go for the same old matching combos - you can feel free to match up the colors and patterns to add a little more personality into your bikini. Don’t be afraid to just choose a pattern that you like. 

Get great deals 

Summer bikinis can be expensive, so it helps to get a great deal by using summer bikini coupons from major retailers. You can add browser extensions like Indxu and Wikibuy when shopping online to automatically add coupons to your checkout. 

If you’d rather shop in-store, which is recommended to be able to get the perfect fit, then you can still download plenty of coupons online and print them out or save them on your phone.  Good luck and happy shopping!