Why Is Ikea so Expensive as compared to other Brands?

Why is Ikea furniture so expensive? It’s a question that has been debated at dinner parties for decades. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the high price point of Ikea furniture, but one of the most significant is how much value is created with so few materials. It’s not uncommon for Ikea products to be made out of as little as 4% parts sourced from outside their own factories, which means they could charge more and still be profitable.

Why Is Ikea so Expensive as compared to other Brands

An IKEA factory can churn out an impressive 1.5 million pieces in a year because they are designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. The best way to save money on expensive brands is to purchase the items at special shopping events. You should consider buying on Boxing Days sale if you have not made the purchase yet.

How to Save on Ikea Shopping?

Now that the holidays are over and 2022 is almost here, many people are getting back to their regular routine. People in many countries will start updating their homes with new furniture and decorations, or maybe the interior decorator has been hired. Other people will use this time to save money by shopping around for good deals.

How to Save on Ikea Shopping

Ikea is known for its great prices on everything so there is a lot of competition. Now that the items have been put on sale you can save big time by shopping around locally at your general stores or online at an independent retailer like Amazon.

Use Ikea Shopping coupons

To ensure you get good deals on your Ikea furniture you need to know what coupons are available for those items in your area and plan to buy them by a specific date. There are three different types of coupons – manufacturer, retailer, and vendor coupons.

Use Ikea Shopping coupons

Ikea Manufacturer Coupons

Ikea Manufacturer Coupons are the ones that come out each month from Ikea. They may be for certain items or specific rooms and some are only good for a few weeks, but they are a great way to get discounts on already super low prices.

Ikea Manufacturer Coupons

Ikea Retailer Coupons

Ikea Retailer Coupons can be found in newspapers or online. They come in the form of a cut-out coupon and you need to make sure you apply it before it expires, but often they can be used at more than one retailer and there is usually no limit on how many times you can use them.

Ikea Vendor Coupons

Ikea Vendor Coupons also come out as coupons and are from independent retailers that have signed an agreement with Ikea on the distribution of their products. You can find these coupons online or in your newspaper.

Get the most for your money

Get the most for your money

When you are saving money you want to get the best value for what you have and this means finding items from a big box store that can be re-purposed for other uses around the house. For instance, shelves are really useful, but if they were made of plastic you can easily reuse them in an office or bathroom as long as you are willing to paint them to match.

Kitchen items like drawers, shelving units, and cabinets can be de-constructed by taking out the screws and then stored in a safe place until they are needed again.